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About Me

The first step to getting to know anyone is to introduce yourself. About  So let me introduce myself and my family to you. I am Ashley and have been married 15 yrs to my hubby Adam he is a licensed contractor and owns Bassperformance Construction.

We are the parents to 4 boys. They range in age and keeps us very busy and entertained.  There are our teens Jonah (16) and Joseph (15). We also have our two younger ones Aidan(11) and Alijah(5).  We homeschool our younger ones while our older 2 have chosen to go to public school.

About This Site

As you browse you will see I talk about being a boy mom alot. Being a boy mom is not for the feint of heart. It is a daily adventure. I have a Lifestyle and Relationship blog called A Day In The Life Of Mom but I wanted to focus on my boy mom life so I have created this one. Here you will find boy approved recipes, things to do, and other survival tips on being a boy mom.

I look forward to entertaining you and offering advice and I hope you look forward to getting to know me. If at any point you want to strike up a conversation or discuss collab opportunities please feel free to email me at

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