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Urban Air Adventure Park Ahwatukee

Urban Air Adventure Park Ahwatukee

Recently my kiddos and I were able to visit Urban Air Adventure Park in Ahwatukee.  Its exact address is 4816 E Ray Rd Phoenix Az 85044. Ahwatukee is part of Phoenix and borders Chandler. If you are a IKEA gal like me its about 10 minutes from there. From Surprise its about a 45 minute drive if you don’t hit rush hour. 

Urban Air is more than a indoor trampoline park. There is so much to do. I brought my 5, 11, and 16 year old plus a friend for each and every single one had a blast.

The Details

When You first enter you will see computer consoles. You can hop on there and sign their online waiver. Everyone who will be participating must have a waiver on file. If you want to save some time you can fill their waiver out ahead of time.  It saves so much time to fill it out at home especially if you have more than one kiddo. 

Urban Air Adventure Park Ahwatukee

Then you head to the check in desk. Here is where you will decide what option to buy for your child. If you have a little little they will also measure them to see what attractions they can participate in.  The prices range based on what attractions your kiddo can do. Also they do require you to wear non skid socks which are $2.50. After you pay and your kiddo has their wrist band and socks thats when the real fun begins.

The Attractions

Right in front of the desk are some fun attractions. To the side is the Slam Dunk Zone which is trampolines and basketball hopes. Then there is the Battle Beam where your little warrior can battle it out. There are no losers because if you get knocked down you fall into a foam pit. I think my kiddo enjoyed jumping in the foam blocks more than battling his brothers.

Behind there is the trampoline area to jump super high and do tricks. Next to all that are all the different climbing walls. 

While doing all these things if you look above you will see a track. This is for the Sky Rider (indoor roller-coaster). My older boys LOVED this.  You do have to be over 48″ tall to ride.  Next to that is the Ropes course. Both of these are high up in the air so are for people 48″ or taller. My littlest guy was half  a inch too short which not going to lie made me smile because he is a wild one and my heart just can’t take it lol. 


Attached to the 2 attractions is the Tubes Playground. It has swings, tubes, and slides. I love that to go in the tubes you have to be under 48″ so it is specifically for the shorter ones. 

Urban Air Adventure Park Ahwatukee

The Warrior Course was alot of fun. There are different obstacles to traverse. If you fall no worries you land in a ball pit. Alijah just kind of swam through the balls because hes 5 and loves ball pits more than obstacles. 

Further back you come to all the trampolines. There is the Apex Trampolines, Dodgeball Court (on trampolines), and the Runway ( tumble track).

More Information

That was the highlight of the attractions for kiddos.  There is more that Urban Air offers. They have dedicated party rooms. Be sure to check out their party page to see what party package they offer. 

Urban Air Adventure Park Ahwatukee

If you do not want to leave your items at the table or carry them they do offer lockers. I did not use a locker but they are there if needed.

Urban Air Adventure Park Ahwatukee

On site is a cafe. We ordered 2 pizzas which my boys being boys devoured in less than 5 minutes.  There are also chicken nuggets, fries, pretzels, and more available to order.

Urban Air Adventure Park Ahwatukee

And lastly my favorite spot. The Parents Lounge. Right above the cafe is a room. If you head up the stairs to that room you will find the Parents Lounge. It has comfy chairs, a tv, and glass so you can look out and see the kiddos play on the attractions.  It is blissfully quiet and away from the action.

Urban Air Adventure Park Ahwatukee

My kiddos loved this place and so did I. There is fun to be had all day long. If you are looking for something fun to do with kids in Phoenix then this is a must check out spot. 

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