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Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)


I am always looking for things to do with kids in Phoenix Arizona. We like to try new places and activities.Recently we decided to try Uptown Jungle in Peoria Az. They also have a location in Mesa but thats far for us. The one in Peoria is located at 76th ave and Cactus. We took Grande to Cactus and it was just a short little drive.

When you first arrive you have to fill out a waiver. Each waiver is specific to each Uptown Jungle location so they do not transfer from locations. I did not fill it out before we got there and it took me about 10 minutes with impatient kids wanting to go play so I highly suggest filling it out ahead of time. You can do it easily on phone, tablet, or computer. Or if you are forgetful like me they have kiosks there.

After filling out the waiver you head to the desk to pay and purchase socks for 2.50$. If you do not want to purchase socks make sure you bring grip socks. They can not just be regular socks but must have the grip bottom. Just behind the cashier is a snack are you can self serve drinks and snacks and pay at the cashier.

Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)

Hours and Pricing

Hours vary by day

  • Mon-Turs 1-8
  • Fri 1-9
  • Sat 9-9
  • Sun 9-8
  • Uptown Tot: Mon – Fri 9AM – 1PM
    $10 admission. $5 for an additional sibling. A parent plays free.
    Ages 5 & under only. Excludes holidays & breaks.

Pricing varies by the time amount you choose and is different pricing on the weekend. Make sure to check out Groupon and Uptown Jungles Facebook page as each posts deals for the different locations.

  • Mon-Fri 60 min 10$ 90 Min 12$ 120 min 14$
  • Sat-Sun 60 min 12$ 90 min 16$ 120 min 18$


To the left and right is seating and places to store your shoes.  The seating is nice but I LOVED the seating in the Parents Lounge. That’s right Uptown Jungle has a parents lounge with pay per session massage chairs, couches, TVs, vending machines, and of course free WiFi. I was able to work while the kids play

The entire play area is amazing. There is a spiderweb that you can climb thru, lots of tunnels, huge slides, and more. And a separate room for parties.

Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)  Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)   Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)

Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)   Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)    Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)

There is also a rock climbing wall and other climbing structures

Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)  Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)  Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)

There is a inflatable obstacle course on the second story.

Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)   Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)

Aidan Loved the trampoline area at the back of the play structure.Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)

For the littlest littles there is a toddler play area. It is nicely sectioned off to keep the area big kid free. Love that it had a gate to make it more difficult for big kids to get in and more difficult for littles to get out.

Uptown Jungle (Peoria Az)

If you have a chance to check out Uptown Jungle you should. All my kiddos had a blast from the littlest to the biggest. For more fun things to do in Phoenix AZ with kids check out our Family Fun page.


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