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How to Get Your Boys To Cooperate Without Yelling

You’re not alone. The top-of-your-lung scream that  comes after yelling at your boys to do something for the umpteenth time. Sometimes boys just don’t like to listen. It’s as if they’ve drowned out our voices! It’s possible to get your boys moving when you ask them to do something and here’s how.

Stay on the same page as your spouse or village

Your boys are watching to see who the weaker spouse is. They are watching very closely. Just know that you and your spouse need to be on the same page or else the boys will know! Whenever you or your spouse says something, the boys need to listen. And you need to enforce this rule! If you are a single parent then being on the same page as your village is important. What I mean by village is whoever is helping or is a part of your child’s life. Your rules and expectations need to be clear and whoever is helping care for your child needs to enforce the same. This way your kiddo will know that even if they are at a friends or aunties the same rules apply.

Stay consistent with expectations

Your boys aren’t going to listen if they think you will not enforce the expectation.How to Get Your Boys To Cooperate  Without Yelling  If you’re consistent with handing out consequences, when they don’t listen, then they’re more than likely to listen the first time. Being consistent is not just for consequences. Be consistent with rewards and recognition for following expectations. Consistency is always your best weapon whenever you’re parenting. Consistency will get those boys moving like never before.

Reward them

Ah, no brother likes to see his brother get rewarded for something, when they don’t. When your boys do listen, it’s important to reward them in a big way. Of course, make sure all the brothers are watching! Big rewards are something they don’t want to miss out on. It will only take a few times of them missing out for them to start listening the first time.

Make it a competition

What boys don’t like competition? Especially brothers? Make sure those in your life feel theHow to Get Your Boys To Cooperate  Without Yelling  competition between each other. You’ll want to keep the competition healthy and not demeaning. You can make almost anything a race! No brother wants to lose to his brother. Keep this in mind as you’re figuring out ways to get your boys to listen the first time.

Whisper so they have no choice but to listen

Nothing is more annoying than when you can’t hear what someone is saying. Get in front of your boys, but don’t yell! Whisper! It’s going to drive them crazy. Whispering means they will have to stop what they’re doing and actually listen. This may not work for every family of boys, but it could work for yours.

Getting your boys to get moving when you ask them to do something isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of time and energy to accomplish this all, but you got this! If all else fails, you can always buy a huge horn and blow it every time they don’t listen. What tips would you add to this list?

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