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Tips For Keeping Cool In The Arizona Heat

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The Arizona heat can be intolerable some days, making it seem like it’s not even worth heading outside to do anything. While you can’t change the weather, you can change your comfortability. Here are a number of ways you can stay cool and refreshed when that summer sun is unforgiving.  

Use a Car Seat Cooler

A car seat cooler will keep you cool on the highway, when your AC just ain’t cutting it. We have 2 from Waldo’s Warmers. They go on your seat or in the car seat and have little pockets for ice packs. Place it on the seat and when you get back in the car your seat is still nice and cool. Give one of these a try and see how it works.

Cooling Hats

If you plan on heading outside for a long period of time, don’t just get your average ball cap. Grab a cooling hat that will cool not only your head off, but make the rest of your body more comfortable as well.

Keep The House Cool

Nothing is better than walking in to a cool house when it’s 110 outside. We use super cooling and window shades to achieve this. With super cooling you lower the AC temp during off peak hours ours is usually about 68. Then when the morning or peak hours hit you raise it. This super cooling usually keeps our house between 73-75 during the day. We also use black out curtains where the sun hits and window shades on the rest. This in a way helps insulate the house. 

Water Games

If you have a pool Awesome but if not some easy waterTips For Keeping Cool In The Arizona Heat  games can be cooling and fun. Water guns, slip and slides, and water balloons are fun. My hubby made our kiddos a sprinkler using pvc pipe, his drill, and our hose. Hours of cooling off fun. 

Indoor Play

Staying indoors is always a option. With the tips for keeping the house cool it can be a nice down day. We like to do arts and crafts. When I was feeling really fun we did spy school and I made a yarn maze and we did our own invisible ink. If you want to head out but be inside there are a ton of indoor playplaces and arcades in Arizona. One of our favorites is Bounce A Rama in Chandler. 

Mini Trip

Take a mini trip. If you want to stay close a day on the lake can be fun. Lake Pleasant or Barlett or 2 of our favorites. If you want to travel further head up North. Payson, Prescott, and Flagstaff are some hot spots. We love to head that way and explore in the cooler weather. Summer time camping up north will give you a few days of cool weather.

Treat Yourself 

If you want to make the most of a miserable hot day, make it more enjoyable by Tips For Keeping Cool In The Arizona Heat  grabbing some ice cream, or another frozen treat. You deserve it after the weather you’ve been putting up with. One of my favorites its so hot out treats is Yogurtini. Trust me you want to try their cake batter flavor, with sprinkles and peanuts. It can make the hottest day seem cool. 

Stay Hydrated with Water

This one is huge. Most people forget to drink until their dehydrated and then it’s too late. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty and are dying for a glass of water. Start hydrating yourself as soon as you wake up. Keep a glass of ice cold water on hand all day so you don’t dry out.

Use a Damp Towel for Your Neck or a Cooling Towel

Putting a damp cool around your neck while you’re out in the Arizona desert, will cool off your entire body. There are also cooling towels that hold the cold in them without feeling as wet. We love these for when we are sitting outside for hot sporting events.

Public Pools and Splash Pads

Make sure you and your family check into the public pool several times this summer, for a cheap way to refresh yourselves. If you have smaller children, they will love going to the splash pad to beat the summer heat. Your older kids and you can enjoy running around getting wet too. There are a bunch in Arizona. One of our favorites is Pioneer Park splash pad in Peoria Az. 


Water Parks in Arizona

Here are a couple of the best waterparks in the state of Arizona, perfect for cooling off during the summer. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen, so your family doesn’t burn to a crisp.

  • Big Surf Waterpark (Tempe) :If you live in the Tempe, Arizona area, bring your whole family to Big Surf Waterpark, for a great day of waterslides, wave pools, kiddie pools, and more. There’s so many styles of waterslides that each come with different thrills. You’ll be having so much fun that you forget it’s hot outside.  
  • Hurricane Harbor Six Flags (Phoenix) : Hurricane Harbor Six Flags, in Phoenix Arizona boasts the largest theme park in the state. Your older kids will love the Anaconda, Tornado, and many other waterslides at this park. Mom and dad can relax down the lazy river, or even go on a giant family tube and experience a great slide together. ** Disclaimer** It is the first year not being Wet and Wild and there have been a few upset customers. They have complained of excessive wait times for food (2hrs), some attractions being closed, and not as clean as it used to be. I’m sure with it being the first year there are some kinks to work out.
  • Golfland SunSplash (Mesa): Golfland SunSplash has over 30 rides and attractions, making it one of the best waterparks in the state. With so many water rides and things to do for all ages, there’s no reason for you to feel overheated from the sun.

Protect Your Skin

And one Final tip. Its not to stay cool but to protect your skin. Always remember the sunscreen. Especially on little’s. Trust me if you get sunburn it will not matter how cool you keep it it’s not pleasant. When going out always protect your skin.

These are a number of ways to stay cool in Arizona during the summer time. Which ones will you take advantage of with your family this summer? What other ways do you stay cool on a hot summer day?


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