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Spending Time Together As A Family

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Life can be long and it can be hectic.  Spending time as a family is important. There’s a saying that family is forever and its true but you want the forever to be healthy. For your family to be healthy you need to nurture it and you do that by spending time together. Family time is essential to creating strong connections, love, and understanding. It will help families to face challenges together, instill security, grow family values, and instill a sense of security and belonging. 

Family time is also important because if children don’t get the required attention, they might do something that could get them in trouble or seek out people who do give them attention. People often think that it’s all about quantity when in reality it is the quality time we spend with our families.  It is important to carve out time to spend quality time together. What are some ways to spend time together? Here are a few ideas.

Morning Rituals

In our family every morning we make it  a point to say Good Morning and go over 1 idea everyone can keep in mind to try to have a good day. Sending everyone off with a smile helps start the day on a positive.


Eating dinner together whenever is possible is a great way to recap the day and have any family discussions on anything anyone has on their mind.

Family Game Night

Every week our family has a game night. It can be video games, card games, or board games. The point it to have fun together. One of our favorite games is 90’s Edition Watch Ya Mouth. It is hilarious and we all have a blast trying to guess what everyone is saying. 

If you have a wiggly group like I do another great game is Just Dance. We have the 2019 edition for Xbox One and one for our PS4 that’s how much we love it. It gets you up and moving and you have fun.

Night Time Rituals

Every night my husband and I tuck each kiddo in individually. We spend a few minutes with each either reading a story or talking. The one on one time gives them a chance to get anything of their chest that may be weighing on them

Spending time as a family is vital to the health and stability of any family. Finding little ways to carve out those moments on a daily or weekly basis is important. Hopefully a few of my ideas will spark some ideas of how you can spend time together as a family. Do you have any ideas I may have missed?

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