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Quick Guide To Legoland California Family Fun On a Budget

Quick Guide To Legoland California Family Fun On a Budget

We took a trip to Legoland CA and it was amazing. Having a larger family we explored our options for doing Legoland on a budget. Using these tips we kept our spending to a minimum. I am a planner so I planned our days there to maximize fun and hopefully avoid meltdowns. Here are my tips for Legoland on a budget and tips to maximizing your fun while you are there. 

Money Saving Ticket Options

Legoland California is a amazing place to visit that the entire family will love but it can get a bit pricey. Here are a few tips that helped save my family money on their tickets.

  • Deals and Coupons. I was able to find a great deal where you got a free adult ticket for each child ticket. I purchased in groups of 2 so I got 3 free adult tickets. Legoland also periodically has holiday specials and have discounted tickets.
  • Pre Purchase. Buying tickets online saves a few dollars. Also the more days that you plan to visit offers a discount. 
  •  Go San Diego Card. They seem expensive but in reality are not. They range from 90$ for one day up to 299$ for 7 days. For that price you get entry into 39 attractions. Some of the attractions include San Diego Zoo, LEGOLAND California, SeaWorld (3+ day ticket), USS Midway, Safari Park, Belmont Park, Cruises, and more.

Money Saving Tips For Legoland

Family trips can add up quick. But there are ways to save and stick to your budget while making sure everyone has a fantastic time. Here are my money saving tips for Legoland

  • Buy the Legoland Coco Cola Freestyle souvenir cup. It is 15.95$ for one day and 19.95$ for 2 consecutive days. You can also save it and reactivate it for your next visit for 8.95$.  These cups provide free refills at multiple locations thru the park which proved to be a lifesaver. Walking around the park we all got thirsty a bunch. Being able to refill for free saved us a bunch of money.
  • Plan where you eat. Certain restaurants at Legoland participate in the Kids eat free program. Kids receive one free kid’s meal with the purchase of one full-price adult entrée. The restaurants that participate in that are Wok N’ Bowl Ramen, Pizza Pasta Buffet, Fun Town Market, Garden Restaurant and Knights’ Table Barbecue. I recommend the Pizza Pasta Buffet because they had a wide variety and salads. 
  • Swap minifigures. If your child owns any mini figures make sure they bring them. All employees there have mini-figures attached to their badges and they will trade your kiddo. My son went in with ones he didn’t play with and left with Darth Vader, a surfer dude, and a clown. This saved us a bunch because instead of buying all new ones for 4 kiddos they were able to trade and have new to them minifigures.

Tips For Your Day

  • Download their mobile app for an interactive map, ride wait times and more Quick Guide To Legoland California Family Fun On a Budget
  • Review height restrictions to plan your day
  • Download What to Do When You’re Two.It is a quick guide to show parents what attractions their younger kiddos can enjoy.
  • Parent Swap is for parents who have kids that meet and don’t meet the minimum height restriction. All members of the party are required to wait in line together. When you reach the front, let the ride operator know you want to do the parent swap, so that they can accommodate you. When the first ride is over, the parents may then switch places and the other parent can then ride with the older child.

Tips on Things to See and Do

Now on to the good stuff. All the attractions.  For a complete list visit the Legoland website. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Star Wars There is a complete Star Wars World. My boys were in Sci Fi Lego heaven. Make sure to get lots of pictures. This spot was one of the busiest so be prepared with your camera to get some pics.

  Quick Guide To Legoland California Family Fun On a Budget   

  • Lego Ninjago The line is always long but the ride is awesome. Its a 3D ride that you get to participate in. Make sure to keep a pretty face on as they get a picture of you. My picture was soooo not pretty lol. 
  • Start at the back of the park. We started towards the back and the lines were alot shorter.  The closer we got to the beginning of the park the busier it was.
  • If you are going to go to the water park go there first or after 3ish. It mentions this tip on Legolands website and from first hand experience it is completely true. We went about 330 and the lines were minimal.





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  1. Anonymous
    April 20, 2019 / 12:41 am

    I remember going there with my family us kids had to earn our money and it was a terrific experience. My mother took us there as a special event and I loved it. I hope one day I’ll be able to do something for her when I get enough money although she thinks I just want to leave when I turn eighteen.

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