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Rush Fun Park

rush fun place

My boys and I love checking out new places so were superRush Fun Park  excited to check out Rush Fun Park. It is enormous!! Alex one of the employees said it was over 24000 sq ft. There is just so much to do at this indoor play place and it is perfect for kiddos of all ages.


Address: 6817 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345

Phone number:  (623) 243-9900

Hours:  Sun- Fri 9 am- 8pm Sat 9am- 9pm

Prices: Cost varies based on the days so please check out their website. Also keep in mind grip socks are required. If you buy a pair save them for next time.

A waiver needs to be signed to play. You can do it there or to save time fill it out online before you go.

The Entrance

When you first walk into Rush Fun Park  you see the huge play structure and I mean huge. Alijah walked in and says WHOA!!!! Look how much…. Im so excited!! You do have to fill out waivers. I suggest doing it ahead of time. I didn’t and trying to contain the kiddos after seeing the fun they were going to have was a struggle lol.  Just in front of the play struccture are the registers where you can pay and get socks. Everyone there was very friendly.

To the right of the registers is a snack stand. Outside food and drink is not allowed but you can purchase snacks and drinks there The day we went they also had pizza available. There is plenty of seating at the snack stand area.

There are also plenty of places to store your shoes. There are not lockers so I brought my backpack purse so I could strap it on and still go play. Through out everywhere there are places to sit and there are even massage chairs.

Play Structure

The first thing we did at Rush Fun Park was explore the play structure. It is 3 stories high and has so much to do.  We counted 9 slides. Our favorite was the mock sledding slide. If you watch the video below you will hear Alijah loudly demanding to go again again again as he steps all over me to do just that lol. In the play structure there was also ball canons, a ball pit, foam block pit and so many obstacles to run, jump, bounce, and crawl over/under this alone could entertain all day. They even have a bungee type thing to crawl up and in to get to the next level. Let’s just say I tried but this mama did not make it.

At the back of the play structure was a set of stairs you can take these and head to the left and there is a huge inflatable thing called Meltdown. It reminded me of the show Total Wipeout. It has motorized arms that swing around and the kiddos have to jump over or crawl under to avoid being knocked down. I may have laughed a little too hard when I saw my boys get took out. 


Climbing Walls

There are rock climbing walls and other things to climb on.Rush Fun Park  They are located towards the front and to the East side of the building. Basically to the left of the registers. My boys did not try them as they were too busy doing everything else but I watched a few other kiddos and it seemed they were challenging and fun. They had plenty of safety harnesses to ensure everyone had a safe and fun time.


There was so much jumping fun.  The trampoline areas are next to the climbing area. When you first enter you will see the balance beam area. You can joust and fall into a foam pit. Alijah kinda just jumped in the foam vs actually battling his brother. Behind the balance beam is the basketball area. You can really hoop it up like a NBA star since the trampoline gives you the added bounce. There was a dodgeball area on the trampolines and then further down the trampolines you can just jump and do tricks on.


Obstacle Course

If you have ever gone to Urban Air then you are familiar with the obstacle course.  At Rush the obstacle course is located just past the trampolines in the corner behind the play structure.  Aidan made it all the way thru Alijah made it partway then jumped in the balls because why not.  They were both able to complete the course. I will say Alijah did need a little help but he is 5 so it is expected. 

6 and Under Area

The playzone for 6 and under looked like alot of fun. Alijah is certain he is a big boy so did not play there. I checked it out just to be able to tell my readers and I saw a slide that was a smaller scale but just as fun for littles as the slides for bigger kiddos. There were also little ride ons and plenty of crawling areas in the little kid play structure. We have been to quite a few of indoor play place facilities and I felt as tho this one had a good selection for the smaller kiddos. There was soft play as well as slightly more advanced options for those closer to 5.

Volcano Climb and Slide

This was HUGE. The kiddos basically rock climb up the sides. I held my breath a little as its pretty high up but they made it just fine. The slide doesn’t look like it would be as fast as it was but boy was it fast. My boys were not ready the first slide down. Both came flying out. They loved it and went about 4 more times. 


Additional Awesomeness

One thing I loved was there were so many places to sit down. I had fun playing with the kiddos but breaks were needed and there were lots of spots for mom or dad to take a minute. 

Their party room was huge and set up where it seemed there would be plenty of room for party kiddos and their guests. There were alot of tables and seating for all party goers.

My boys and I had a blast at Rush Fun Park. Everyone was exceptionally nice. The play structure was huge and there was something for everyone to do.  Make sure to check out their social media and Groupon before you go as they usually have specials advertised. It is definitely a indoor fun place you want to check out. 




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