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Lazy Girl Tips: Quick Ways To Clean Your House

Lazy Girl Tips: Quick Ways To Clean Your House

Does your house looked lived in? Well, if you’re like most people, your house is lived in and it’s impossible to keep it clean all the time. Fortunately I know there are quick ways to clean your house. I call this my lazy girl fake clean. These tips are perfect for when you have unexpected company coming over or when you just want a clean looking house, quickly, and with minimal effort. Here a few tips on quick ways to clean your house and to make it look cleaner than normal.

The less clutter, the better

Let’s face it, anyone knows that the less clutter you have, the better your house will look. When you don’t have a bunch of stuff cluttering up the counters, then it’s going to look a lot cleaner.

I love this tip the most because it takes the least amount of work. Plus, with the mentality that I need less clutter, it makes me want to buy less stuff.

“Decorative” BasketsLazy Girl Tips: Quick Ways To Clean Your House

Nothing can help your house look cleaner than this trick. Leave a few random empty baskets in your house. When you need to clean up quickly, start throwing items into the baskets.

Baskets work great because they’re easy to carry and can also hold an assortment of items. I always choose decorative basketsLazy Girl Tips: Quick Ways To Clean Your House   because they look pretty and serve a purpose. Once your basket is full, you can just toss it into a room that no one will go into. I love this trick and have used it over the years, especially when I had a newborn in the house.

Baskets are also a quick way to clean your house because if you leave them out you can assign each person a basket. Their items you find around the house go in their basket and they empty it out and put their items away. This has helped so much with not having to figure out where everything goes. 

Close the doors

Did you know people don’t look in your bedrooms, unless you leave the doors open? It’s not like someone comes over and goes around looking in the bedrooms. Simply close the bedroom doors and leave it at that. Plus, a closed door always makes the house look cleaner!

Freshen the airLazy Girl Tips: Quick Ways To Clean Your House

You can do all these tricks to make your house look cleaner, but if it smells bad, all that hard work is going down the drain. One trick is to invest in a good way to freshen your air. One of my favorites is a good essential oil diffuserLazy Girl Tips: Quick Ways To Clean Your House  . A little lemon or orange oil always makes the house smell like I just finished cleaning. A air purifier is also great for removing unwanted smells. A quick easy homemade air freshener is a  cut up apple, a orange peel, and a dash of cinnamon in a little bit of water. Just boil it on the stove and let the smell fill the room. If all else fails open a few windows and let the fresh air in. Fresh air can make any house seem cleaner than what it really is!

Room to Room Check

Finally a quick spot check in all the major rooms. These are possible the most time consuming of the quick ways to clean your house tips I have given you but they will really take the cleanliness over the top. 

  • Kitchen: Use a disinfectant wipe to wipe down the counters and any spots on the front of cabinets. Make sure to close all cabinet doors and clear counters. I’ve used the hide the dirty pot in the oven many times and we won’t discuss how many times Ive loaded a dish washer just to hide the dishes lol.
  • Bathroom: Use a disinfectant wipe to wipe the counters and toilet. Then glass cleaner to do the mirrors. One quick tip that will make everything look so much better is to take a clean dry cotton cloth and wipe all the handles and fixtures down. This will provide a quick polish and shine of the fixtures and really helps a bathroom look clean. 
  • Living room: Fluff the couch cushions and clean off the couch. This is where those baskets can come in handy lol. A quick sweep is always great. One thing I know always helps is if I quick dust the tv. For some reason that makes the entire room look like I actually cleaned. 

Check Yourself

Honestly when company drops by the thing they will pay the most attention to is you. I always like to put on some extra deoderant, some lip gloss, and brush my hair. My standard outfit is yoga pants and a tank top so a quick check to at least make sure its clean is what I do. I also try to look over my kiddos. I have 4 boys so perfectly clean never happens but presentable is great. 

Making your house look cleaner than normal isn’t deception, it’s reality. If you have time to have a spotless house, more power to you. For the rest of us, we need a plan, just in case our in-laws stop by for an unsuspecting minute.

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