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Planning A Successful Trip: Camping With Kids

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Are you planning a camping trip with your children and want it to be a successful trip? Children can get bored easily. Reasons can include if they don’t feel included, if their needs aren’t met, or there’s no sense of purpose or entertainment. Here are a couple suggestions that will give them the camping trip they will talk about for years to come.

Plan together

Some kids are not sold on the idea of camping. Yet sitting down together and planning out your trip might get them more motivated and warmed up to the idea. Making them feel special enough to pick out things to do, food to cook, or even places to camp will make them feel part of the process, and more grown up.

Train them before-hand

Before you head out for your first time camping with a bunch of kids, try camping out in your backyard. Have them help you with setting up the tent along with the fire. Help them to understand that going indoors will not be an option for comfort, and try and spend the night outdoors.

Teach them to set up

Most children like to help, but sometimes we as adults get in the way of trying to do it quicker and more efficiently. Try to have patience and ask them to help you set up camp together. Having everything done for them will not prepare them for when they take their kids out camping.

Leave electronics behind

This one might be the end of the world for some children. They are hooked on Fortnite and other obnoxious games that drive parents crazy. Yet electronics are precisely why you need a camping experience in the first place. To get away from everything and enjoy the outdoors.

Bring Entertainment

I might have just said to leave these kids only source of entertainment at home, but there are so many better things they can do. Bring some bikes, footballs, baseball bats and balls, hiking gear, binoculars, firefly nets, and so on. They might even have more fun than being on a huge screen all day. One hit was a insect-fact  workbook.  Click the link or pic to download your very own FREE Insect Fact Workbook.Planning A Successful Trip: Camping With Kids


Kid sized gear

Having kid-sized gear is just a suggestion if you have the extra money. It will make it more personable to them because everything is the right size.

Camp with friends

While you aren’t able to keep your kiddos excited the whole time, having their friends come with will do the trick. They will also give you a chance to have a break from keeping your children busy the whole time, and making the camping experience even more memorable.

Pay attention to their needs

Kids are more needy than adults.Planning A Successful Trip: Camping With Kids  I have boys and boys are no different, even if they’re trying to be young men. Girls are needy too. Pay attention to proper clothing for warmth or coolness. Make sure they have plenty of water and food before they’re complaining their hungry.


Do something new

Try something with the children that they have never experienced. Try kayaking, canoeing, disc golfing or other activities that they will enjoy for the first time.

Allow freedom

This one can be tough for parents, but allowing your children to have freedom to explore is a great way to add extra excitement to them on a camping trip. Alot of children love a sense of adventure, and this is the perfect place to allow this. Make sure that they don’t wander too far, and check back in with you at a set time to prevent worry.

These are a couple tips for when you decide to take children camping. My family camps and hikes alot. We love heading North and checking out places. These tips have helped us make our adventures fun for everyone. Did you find this article to be helpful? What other ways can help make a successful camping trip for children?

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