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Crayola Experience Chandler

Finding things to do with your kids ages 4-10 is always a challenge. Luckily there is  new attaction in Chandler…

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Freebie Friday: Help Your Little One Learn to Count (Free …

Everyone’s toddler has counted to the tune of 5,6, 1, 9, 3. And every parent giggles and then says “repeat…

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Cabazon Dinosaurs Roadside Attraction

If you are taking a road trip that travels along the I10 in CA or coming back from CA exit…

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How to Entertain Kids on a Long RoadTrip

Summer vacation is just around the corner. That usually means family trip time. It’s time for vacation and you are…

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Budget Friendly Ways Kids Can Show Mom They Appreciate Her

If you have the money to spend on mom for Mother’s Day, go for it. All moms deserve the very…

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