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Scared of Needles? But Want to Try Acupuncture? Here’s …

Many doctors and people say that acupuncture can work wonders for pain, stress, inflammation, and other ailments. But what if…

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Book Review: WOW! Women on Writing Tour: Black Madonna: A …

I enjoy historical fiction so when I was offered a free book in exchange for a review I was excited…

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Help your Son Gain Confidence and 25 Phrases That Will Work

Raising a confident son isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sons go through many hormonal and puberty changes just like…

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Heroic Knights, Majestic Horses, and a Queen: Medieval Times

It’s no secret my family and I love dinner shows and reenactments. When we were invited to Medieval Times in…

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Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park Glendale AZ

Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park is hours of fun for the family. They have many locations but we go to the…

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