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Mortimer Farms Berry Bash with Recipe (Strawberry Pancake Poppers)

Recently my family and I took a trip up north. We decided to visit Mortimer Farms Strawberry Bash. Mortimer Farms…

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Heal Your Self With Journaling Power Book Review

Reading this book has taught me that there really is no right or wrong way. Growing up my mom would…

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Kids Star Craft: Create Your Own Stained Glass Starry Night …

My son has been into stars and planets ever since we visited our local Planetarium. He has been asking to…

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Imaginative Journaling Activities To Do With Kids

A Day in the Life of Mom is proud to host Mari L Mcarthy as she writes about Imaginative journaling…

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Planning A Successful Trip: Camping With Kids

Are you planning a camping trip with your children and want it to be a successful trip? Children can get…

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