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Urban Axes Phoenix Arizona

Ax throwing fun!! Sounds dangerous and to be honest not something I would have ever thought of doing. Then I…

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Wupatki Pueblos in Flagstaff Arizona

If you ever visit Flagstaff Arizona a cool place to see is the Wupatki Pueblos and other Pueblos located in…

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DIY Chore Magnets and Free Chore Charts

  Kids don’t like chores. To be honest it can be hard for parents too. Watching them take a hr…

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Sunset Crater Volcano Flagstaff Arizona

When I think of volcanoes I think of Hawaii and mountains of lava. Finding out there was a actual volcano…

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Is Homeschooling The Right Choice For Your Family

Is homeschooling the right choice for your family? Let me start by saying only you and your family can decide…

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