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Gum Mom Hack: How to get it out of everything

Alijah learned to chew gum. He was doing great until he decided to put it in his hair. He has the…

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Kid Approved: Teriyaki & Cheese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I have been trying to reduce my carbs. Sometimes it can be difficult coming up with meals for myself and…

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Hear Ye Hear Ye!!Arizona Renaissance Festival Is Here

Its that time of year again the Arizona Renaissance Festival!!! My family waits for this with great anticipation yearly. We…

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Kids GPS Trackers and Apps

My day the other day could have ended much worse. I was cooking and my 10 yr son burst into…

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Lazy Girl Tips: Quick Ways To Clean Your House

Does your house looked lived in? Well, if you’re like most people, your house is lived in and it’s impossible…

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