Recently I learned about a company called DaffaDoot. They are all about family values, and are on a mission to improve the lives of everyone they can reach. They are a Mother/Daughter team, and proudly donate their time and money to numerous organizations supporting pregnant moms-to-be, new parents, battered women, and school age children. Their company is committed to providing the best customer service on the planet and delivering only the highest quality products available. Based on all the good info I wanted to DaffaDoot Deluxe Auto Seat Protector  find out more. When I was offered to do a post in exchange for trying one of their items to say I was excited is a understatement.

About the Auto Seat Protector

If you have seen any of my Kid mess articles you know I have a very messy preschooler. He has destroyed many many seats in my various cars. So when I saw they had a Auto seat protector I just knew that was the item for me. Here is what they wrote about their item:

Got grime? We have the solution.

We all know the importance of having children in carseats and boosters, but without some kind of protection under their seat or booster, all those dropped cookies and Cheerios can make a serious mess. Plus, car seats and boosters have a nasty habit of digging and denting your fine upholstery and leaving a permanent mark on your backseat.

What you need is some high end protection.

Our latest release, the Deluxe Auto Seat Protector is exactly what you need. Other mats or pads can’t compete with our 14mm padding and heavy duty durability. Our neoprene non-slip backing grips like no other, and our Universal Fit with an extended “lock-down” bulb ensures that no matter what you drive, it’s perfect for you and your kids.

It’s Full-Size, Premium Construction, with No Compromises. We’ve used only the strongest material and threads, and reinforced in ALL the right places. Many protectors provide only a sliver of extra fabric and claim to protect your seat, but we refuse to compromise on quality. It’s evident from the first moment you take our protector out of its box. You will enjoy the premium feel, the superior stitching, and the quality fabric.

Did we mention that it’s anti-slip and color-fast? We even baked it in an oven to make sure it could take the heat. And it has spacious elastic storage pockets where you can keep things like diapers, pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, toys, wipes…and yes, a bag of extra Cheerios. Bottom line, it’s perfect for you and perfect for your little one.

I Can Not Wait

After reading that I was sold!! I am now waiting for my item and absolutely can not wait to tell you all about it. In the meantime My Readers Receive 20% off orders using Promo Code HWBLFYLE at 

In addition to the Auto Seat protector they also offer crib wedges and car seat mirrors.