All my life I wanted to be a mom. Not just any mom but like the all powerful supermom. I was going to cook the best meals, keep the house perfect, be that PTA mom and just be all around awesome. Now I sit here all grown up looking at the piles of laundry, the dishes in the sink, and the list of things my kids want to do and I’m wondering am I failing at this mom thing. And of course that’s when the mom guilt hits.

Mom Guilt

You know what mom guilt is right. The feeling that you are doing nothing right. Th questions of do you got this or are you still 10 yrs old playing Barbie pretending you got this. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids. My 4 boys and my husband are my life. But I have a toddler who doesn’t stop, a future NFL player, a preteen who has decided clean clothes and deodorant are optional, and a teen who is blessed to be smarter than every other single person in the world (or so he thinks). It is is nothing like I pretended when I played with my dolls or when Barbie married Ken. This is real life and its hard.

There are times I know I’m the worlds worst mom because

  • I hide in the closet to eat my snacks undisturbed
  • Mom Guilt and Why I'm Over It  I hide snacks in my closet so when I’m hiding I know where to find them
  • I totally let the tv or tablet babysit because I just want to pee alone or take a bath
  • I let them have cereal for dinner or something equally unhealthy but easy
  • I think pie is a acceptable dinner or breakast every now and then because YOLO

But you know what despite those feelings of guilt I also know I love my children. I know that even though I feel guilty that too shall pass and once again I will rock this mom thing. I may be the most messy, tired, overworked person alive but I am also the most important person in my sons eyes.

What’s A Mom

Being a mother means not letting the guilt get to you when you just need a minute to yourself and it means not sweating the small stuff. Its when your biracial kiddo gets in your makeup which Mom Guilt and Why I'm Over It  is clearly 5 shades darker than him and you ask him if he did he looks at you with these huge eyes and tells you he loves you because your the best mom ever. Yea I got played by a toddler but hey I was the best mom ever.

Being a mother is making sure your children know you love them. Its knowing that even though there will be mom fail moments and there will be times you feel mom guilt as long as you love your children and do your best you are rocking being a mom. Its tell mom guilt nope because the reality is you as a rocking mom deserve that snack in the closet, deserve to pee alone, and deserve a nap every now and then.

So I may not be supermom, I may not even be supermoms sidekick but in the eyes of my kiddo with lipstick on his face and my pressed powder smeared all over him I’m the best mom ever and you know what Ill take it. Ill hold my head high if I ever have the energy and Ill tell myself you got this because you are the best mom ever and when the guilt hits I’ll tell it to move along because no matter what I love my children, they are healthy, happy, loved and that’s what matters.