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Gum Mom Hack: How to get it out of everything

Alijah learned to chew gum. He was doing great until he decided to put it in his hair. He has the prettiest curly hair so I really did not want to cut it. After some research I figured out how to get the gum out with no scissors and no tears. I may be a bit of a hot mess mom and my  kids may be a hot mess also but we do know how to fix most of our messes LOL. Hopefully some of our mess fixes will help you.

Remove Gum From Hair

Its happened. Your kid got gum in their hair or better yet maybe the dog’s hair. Either way, I’ll tell you what you need to get it out. Your best bets are peanut butter, olive oil, coconut oil, or if you don’t have any of that good old-fashioned vegetable oil. I’m sure you see the theme….. OIL. Oil will help remove gum from hair quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Here’s Alijah

Gum Mom Hack: How to get it out of everything

The other day he got gum in his hair so I busted out the peanut butter. It got a big part out then I tried some olive oil. The gum lost its stick and started to almost disintegrate using both of these items

Gum Mom Hack: How to get it out of everything

I then used a wide-toothed comb to help separate the hairs and make sure I got every piece. Easy peasy his hair was gum free.

Gum Mom Hack: How to get it out of everything

Clothes and Carpet

But what if it’s not in their hair but in clothes or the carpet???? Ice is the answer to both.

  • For clothes either place in the freezer or put ice directly on the gum until it is frozen. Peel as much off without damaging the fiber then use a soft bristle toothbrush to work the rest out.
  • For carpet put ice in a baggie and place on the gum. When it is frozen peel as much up as possible then use a soft bristle brush to work the rest out. A little vinegar will help if there is any leftover residue on the carpet.



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