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Makutu’s Island Indoor Play In Chandler Az

makutus island

My boys and I have visited alot of indoor play places in Arizona. Recently we were able to visit Makutu’s Island in Chandler Arizona. Makutu’s Island is designed in a tropical theme and has trees, animals, and even more. 


Address: 6919 W. RAY RD.CHANDLER, AZ 85226

Phone Number: (480) 344-3740

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-7pm Friday 11am-9pm Saturday 10am-9pm Sunday 10am-7m

Pricing:  Prices vary so please check out their website

Makutu’s Island

When you first enter you will see a desk with laptops on it. If you have not already done so you can fill out the waiver here. I suggest doing it ahead of time so you don’t have anxious kids ready to go play. After paying you can enter the play area. As soon as you enter there is a area for shoes as the play structures are shoe free.  There is so much to do once you are ready to play

Indoor Tree: This is the centerpiece of Makutu’s Island. It is huge and filled with tunnels, tubes, mole-holes, and slides.    I will say that it is very dark inside some places inside the tree so if you have a little one who is afraid of the dark just be aware they may want you to go with them.  My boys however deserted me.  Their favorite was a snake slide that wound more than 35 around the tree. Around the tree’s perimeter is so much fun also. There  animals carved within the tree and its extensive roots and even a three-animal totem pole.

Blue Fantasy Tree, Palm Slide: These are smaller areas that are off the large indoor tree. Here you can find even more tunnels to explore, another huge slide, and a zipline.

Pirates Cove: This caught my eye as it had a actual fishtank at the base. I spent more time watching the fish than I probably should admit but it was gorgeous.

Oscars Lagoon: This area is designated for the littlest littles. There are smaller slides and soft play areas. 

Other Fun at Makutu’s Island

In addition to the multiple play structures there are other entertaining areas at Makutu’s Island

Inferno: The inferno is decked out in reds and yellows and is the Arcade area. Here you can play games and earn points to redeem for a prize

Jungle Jamboree Theater: This is a theater area that hosts storytelling, crafts and educational programs.

Parties: Makutus has 6 private party rooms. I peeked in a few and they were all very spacious. 

Bungee Trampoline: I will say I was a little worried about him going on this but since he was little the employee actually stayed on there with him and helped him bounce. When Alijah said it was too high he helped him with little bounces. I also didnt realize they do it based on weight until I saw him weigh Alijah and then switch the bungee cords accordingly. It helped ease this mamas heart lol. 

I finally found something Alijah is afraid of. He wanted to try this so I let him. That first bounce ended with “Not that high!! Toooooo High!!” I had a bad mom moment and was too busy laughing and taping to say anything. Kid usually has no fear so to see him insist on being lower was startling lol.

KiKi’s : This is a cafe.  There are so many options from pretzle bites to pizza. We ordered chicken strips, buffalo chicken, pizza, curly fries, and drinks. 

My boys had alot of fun at Makutu’s Island in Chandler Arizona. It was one of the more fun indoor play places in Arizona. Our only mishap was my boys are big fellas and some of the areas were a tight squeeze. Alijahs booty got stuck at one spot and it was big brother to the rescue. Despite getting stuck he has asked to go back at least 10 times since then. They loved the tree and how there was just so much to do. You can bring a variety of children who like different activities and everyone will be entertained. 

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