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Make Money Blogging, Reviewing, or Being a Influencer

earn money blogging
I started blogging less than a year ago. I changed my theme over 15 times, changed my platform twice, and have searched  for ways to make my blog the best it can be. My main goal was to be able to make money blogging. I didn’t need to earn a bunch as my husband works full time but I wanted to earn something. So far in the last 11 months I have been able to earn 4200$ blogging, doing reviews, and participating in influencer programs. I have earned additional money other ways. To learn about those please read How I Earn Money.

The First Step

 Starting blogging I did not realize how important social media platforms were. Now I realize they are vital to my success as a blogger. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest alone make up more than half of my followers and bring me the most traffic. If you are looking for collaborations or being an influencer having a strong following on these platforms is key. The numbers are not what is the most important but the engagement is. Companies want to see that your followers are looking, liking, and commenting on the things you post. One thing that helped was a Facebook group called I’m So Blogging This. It is a Free group of fantastic ladies making money blogging. They will answer just about any question and have been vital in helping me learn.

How I am Making Money Blogging

Blogging has afforded me the opportunity to work with companies and share my views on items with my readers. I have also had the Make Money Blogging, Reviewing, or Being a Influencer  opportunity to review products. Below I will list networks I am part of that help me find paid collaborations, items to review, and help to grow my blog.


Each network has different requirements. Most want you to have been blogging for a minimum of 3 months and have a certain amount of followers. Make sure you read the requirements as they vary.

Here are some that I currently work with and have had success with getting collaborations event though I am just starting out. 



Heres a few that I participate in and have reviewed products for. Anyone can do this!! 

  • CrowdTap is a platform where you can earn points through polls, questionnaires, uploading photos, leaving comments, and more!
  • Influenster sends out a box full of samples (called ‘VoxBox’) for you to try in exchange for reviews afterward.
  • Join The Pink Panel, then follow them on Facebook. You’ll soon start to receive emails with testing opportunities. Products include skin care products, facial cleansing brushes, and even hair straighteners!
  •  BzzAgent and you’ll gain access to full-size samples you can try out for free in exchange for reviews afterward.
  •  Glamour Glam Spotters and you’ll get to test products before they hit the shelves like lipstick, nail polish, and lotion.
  •  Vogue Insiders team and you’ll have access to test the latest beauty products and trends! You may need to take short surveys or join panels in order to qualify, but you don’t have to review afterward.
  • Swaggable is a website dedicated to user reviews. They offer samples in food, health and beauty, beverages, pet supplies, etc. All you need to do is pick products that you would like to try or which interest you, and wait for them to send you an invite for a free sample
  • Mom Tester and simply fill out the form with your information and how many children you have. When you match a product you’ll be contacted with an option to receive those products to test.
  • MomSelect as a ‘Mom’ or ‘Mom Blogger’ and you’ll have the option to participate in multiple programs like in-home parties, questions and surveys, and most importantly–product samples!
  • InStyle Trendsetters also lets you test the latest trends in beauty. You’ll contribute to the magazine by giving your feedback.
  • VocalPoint, fill out your profile, and you’ll be notified when free samples are available that fit your profile.
  • SheSpeaks is an online platform where women can share their opinion on and be awarded with free products to test.

Important Tips

When blogging or influencing engagement is key. I know some influencers use companies to help grow their Instagram.  One thing I have learned is to be careful which company you choose. Some are not reputable. Others like Social Network Elite are reputable and use white hat techniques to help you grow your Instagram. This involves engaging with other accounts and making your presence known. You can also do this on your own but it is very time consuming so some find it beneficial to let a professional handle that part.  If you decide to use a company make sure it is a company like Social Network Elite that will work hard and will not use techniques that will get your page banned on Insta.

For More Money Making and Money Saving Ideas read How I Earn Money, Free Product, and Help My Family Save


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  1. August 17, 2018 / 10:39 am

    Thanks for the list. But most of them are US only or UK and US only and it sucks to be from Middle East. The Influenster has finally started sending VoxBox to UAE.

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