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Just So Posh Gift Ideas

Just So Posh Gift Ideas

I love giving my sons a good gift. To me a gift should show that you thought of the person and tried to find something unique to them. Recently I found a store online called Just So Posh, LLC . I am in love with this store as far as gift giving goes. Every item they sell is able to be customized to make a truly personalized gift that even your pickiest kiddo will love. My son Alijah has been thrilled because it is the first time he has received a item that has his name on it.

We have a personalized journal, place mats, and beach towels. In addition to the items we personally have Just So Posh also offers placemats, clothes, toys, journals, shower curtains, notebooks, and beach towels. Once you choose what you want you can customize the color, design, and and name on it.

Beach Towels

Just so Posh offers personalized Beach towels. Just So Posh Gift Ideas  Just So Posh Gift Ideas  These are by far my son’s favorite towels. They come in a nice large size and you can customize them to what you want. There are many bases to choose from and then you chose font, colors, names, what you want written. My boys are both football lovers so we went with Pittsburgh Steelers. And of course # 26 but that is my boys own football numbers in honor of Le’Veon Bell. Ever since my boys received these in the mail I have had to wash them every few days because it is all they are wanting to use.

Personalized Placemats

Just So Posh also has personalized kids placemats . Just So Posh Gift Ideas  These were a favorite of mine. We homeschool and just started with our 5 year old so I ordered placemats that had the alphabet and numbers There was even one we got that you can practice writing your letters. Makes meals fun and educational. They have so many more to choose from that range from learning to tell time to just personalized and decorative.

Personalized Journals

My sons Just So Posh Gift Ideas  all enjoy writing. One of the items I ordered was personalized Journals. I loved being able to choose colors and fonts to fit each one of their personalities. The journal I ordered came in a hardcover and was very sturdy as far as a journal goes.


These are just some of the items that I have personally ordered or used.  Just So Posh, LLC overs a wide range of items to choose from. If you visit their site you will see they have a wide variety of other placemats, shower curtains, wall decor, platters, clothing, home decorative items, and more. The best art is that it is all able to be customized. So if you have kiddo whose name is not one of the common ones you see on items just head over to  Just So Posh, LLC  and create a gift for them.


Disclaimer: I did receive items in exchange for a review. All opinions and pictures are my own and my sons.




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