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Jason’s Deli


Recently my kiddos and I did the Kids Obstacle Course in Phoenix Arizona. When we were done we were all hungry so what’s better than trying a new restaurant. We decided to try out Jason’s Deli. They have locations many places. Here in Arizona they are located at Metrocenter, Scottsdale, and in Chandler. We visited the Chandler location since it was closest to where we were.

Our Visit

When we first entered it was right next to the register. It took us a minute to realize there is a larger menu than what we saw on the wall. The restaurant was alot larger than I anticipated. It was very clean and well laid out where you could choose between boths or tables.

Jason's Deli

I had never  been to Jason’s Deli before so I was expecting a small sandwich shop. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of their menu. They had sandwiches as well as pastas, baked potatoes, soups, and wraps. There were 6 of us that day so we something different.

Everything was delicious. And the portions were large enough that we each took home leftovers (except for the pizza). My kids were thrilled because with each purchase you get a free ice cream cone. Jason's Deli

The Facts

There is a huge variety at Jason’s Deli. I expected it to be all sandwiches but as you can see it was much more than that. I saw a potato someone ordered with chill on it and OMG I want one next time. Everyone was very friendly and we loved it. One thing I loved was how healthy they were compared to some places. They have a gluten free menu and other healthiness.

Jason’s Deli has NO

  •  Processed MSG
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Dyes
  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial flavors

We absolutely loved everything that Jason’s Deli had.

I did receive a gift card to use to purchase my families items but all pics and opinions are my own.



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