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Inexpensive Resources For Homeschooling

Making the jump to homeschool your child isn’t an easy decision. I mean, at first you may feel it’s’ the best decision possible, but it can get quite overwhelming trying to determine what curriculum you want to use and how to find good inexpensive homeschool curriculum and resources to use for your child. Today I’m featuring the inexpensive homeschooling curriculum resources that my family uses so that you can rest easier knowing there are affordable options out there for you to successfully homeschool your child.


Looking for inexpensive homeschooling curriculum can be daunting. The first year we started homeschooling I searched everywhere. We are a single income family so making sure we could provide our child a above average education and maintain our finances was important. Here are some of the cheap homeschooling curriculum’s that I found.

  • Khan Academy :For the family that wants to homeschool, but needs an inexpensive resource, Khan Academy is for you. This website offers free lessons and tutorials for math. It covers almost every math lesson you can think of too. I like the way they explain all of the math problems and solutions to the student.
  • Powerschool  using Accellus Curriculum:This is an amazing curriculum. It is 25$ a month for online access. I like it because it uses the same curriculum as the accredited school.  It is so easy to ensure your student learns appropriate information at their own pace.
  • (Easy Peasy)All-in-One Homeschool :This is an absolutely free Christian based homeschool that you can take advantage of for free. The mission here is quite simple; to ensure all homeschool families are able to educate their child with a Christian based homeschool curriculum for free. I have recommended this free online homeschooling website over and over again. It’s literally a free curriculum that you don’t have to pay a dime for. It covers kindergarten all the way up to high school! It’s pretty awesome! You can use the whole curriculum or you can pick and choose!
  • CHSH-Teach :This is an inexpensive homeschool curriculum for pre-k through 12th grade. Everything is available for you at one affordable price on this website. You can download worksheets and pretty much anything you need for your homeschool curriculum on this site.


  • Kids Discover Online:This site is one of my favorite go to sites for supplmenting what I am teaching. It is very affordable. They have a free version or you can pay for more access to resources. It as a classroom you can add students to and assign them modules.
  • Homeschool Buyers Co-Op This is a place where over 200,000 homeschool parents go to save around 93% off regularly priced homeschool curriculum options. It’s free to become a member and being a member of the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op provides so many potentially amazing benefits. I have ordered many items to supplement our curriculum at such a lower price.
  • Amazon You can get a prime membership at a monthly or annual rate. Using Amazon Prime for your homeschool reading curriculum will cut down a lot of costs for textbooks and other reading materials your homeschooler will need throughout your homeschool term.

You can go on the Internet and find all sorts of websites to help you with your homeschooling journey. A few of our favorite websites are,, ABC Mouse, Reading Eggs, DreamBox, and Scratch.

Before you buy any homeschooling materials, always look online! You can get access to free books, resources, and curriculum. That way, you can spend your money on what matters most.

There are many corners you can cut when it comes to trying to find an inexpensive homeschool curriculum. The best way to save the most money is to use more than one resource to find your worksheets, reading materials, and other homeschool items.

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