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Indoor Fun For Kids : Create Your Own “laser” Maze

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Living in Arizona finding things to do indoors is vital. With 4 active boys I have to stay on my toes and think of entertainment. They are always ready to be on the go but when it hits the hot weather inside is the place to be. We have a endless supply of board games, other fun, and more. Finding  a activity that will keep them occupied for hours is vital to my sanity and to their imaginations. Here is one of their favorite activities. 

Fun Laser Web

A laser maze/web is a perfect physical activity. When I first created it I thought it would be good for problem solving and fun. After watching my boys navigate it and work up a little bit of a sweat I realized bonus it was fun exercise also.

With just 3 supplies and 1 pair of scissors I set it up. They spent hours navigating it and requested me to leave it up. I didn’t think it thru tho because the hallway I choose was the one that goes to my bedroom and bathroom which meant this mama had to make it thru. When they hubby got home from work he had to climb on thru too. LOL the entire family got in on the fun. 

Yield: 1 maze

Indoor Fun For Kids : Create Your Own "laser" Maze for the Super Spy

Indoor Fun For Kids : Create Your Own "laser" Maze

Just a little bit of tape and some string of your choosing and you can create a fun "laser" maze for your kids. Its a great indoor fun activity for the kids.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost 10$


  • Tape
  • Yarn or string of your choosing
  • If you want to make it interesting little bells that will jingle if they hit the "laser"


  • Scissors


  1. Pick a spot that like a hallway that you will be able to create a laser maze
  2. Tape the end of the yarn to either a high point or a low point
  3. Unwind in a diagonal direction and tape sections in a crisscross way.
  4. You want to go back and forth and create areas they will have to crawl under, bend over, or otherwise navigate in a way that isnt just walking on thru
  5. For older kids crisscross the yarn even more to increase the level of difficulty
  6. If you want to make it interesting hand small bells on the strings so if they hit the "laser" the bell jingles.
  7. When you are done it should look like a huge spider web


You can do the yarn piece by piece if that is easier. I preferred it to be one long piece that I crisscrossed and taped in different patterns. It made clean up easy peasy.

A long hallway works perfect because it is easy to criss cross and make designs.

Masking tape works the best. It held better than other tape and did not pull the paint of the walls.

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