I may not last

Friday we took out kids to the fair. Walked in and immediately went to Pigglys BBQ because lets face it if you have ever been to the Arizona State Fair you know Pigglys has the best BBQ. A turkey leg, bbq beef sandwich, fried zucchini, and chilli cheese fries later we headed to the rodeo.  We had all 4 boys so didn’t last too long at the rodeo because lets face trying to get boys to sit still for a extended amount of time and they can see the rollercoaster in the distance just isn’t happening. So we headed on over to the games and rides. It was going great and then it happened. We came up on this ride…..

Now that may not look too bad however it was my 4 yr old who wanted to go on it. Now to be not the bad guy I was like sure because I just knew he wasnt tall enough. What I didnt count on was the ride operator. He measured my kid who barely made it and was like yea hes fine. Cue the mom moment Im like measure him again and dont include his hair. Now everyones looking at me…. So I admit defeat at the same time I admit my son has no sense of fear, self preservation, or how much mommies heart can handle. He struts his 70lb self onto the ride followed by 2 of his brothers and dad because if he’s going you all are going with him. The ride starts,my heart stops. I had to turn around because it was look and cry or turn around. So Im standing facing the opposite way when it hits me. My baby is growing up. Ive spent sleepless nights giving cuddles, days playing pretend and Ive wished for some me time. But now that he’s actually getting older I dont know if my heart can take it. But then I realize hes growing up into a fun little guy who hopefully will do big things when he grows up. So I turn and watch the ride because it cant be that bad. Then the hubby gets off and says I taped it going here look…..

My heart stops again NO seat Belts no latches and the hubby is like yea babe its gravity and the spinning it holds u in….. No words none but look at the grin on the little monster face    I may not last

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