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How to Entertain Kids on a Long RoadTrip

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Summer vacation is just around the corner. That usually means family trip time. It’s time for vacation and you are all ready to go. You pack up the luggage, load the car, and buckle in the kids. 2 hours into the long drive all you can here is ” Are we there yet?” Every parent knows long car rides and road trips with kids can be just that…long. Finding ways to keep your kiddos entertained on a road trip is important. Here are a few ways that you can entertain kids on a road trip. 


One of the best ways to entertain kids on a road trip is thru games. A favorite game of ours is I Spy. Each person can take a turn and spy something and describe it. It is then up to everyone else to guess what that person sees. Another fun game is the license plate/sign game. You have to find letters in signs or on license plates based on the letters of the alphabet. 


I am not the mom who wants their children on electronics all the time. But, lets be real for a second. Sometimes electronics can provide a needed distraction. When we take our family trips I always pack electronics. We have driven from NY to AZ and often drive AZ to CA. Electronics were a life saver. The kiddos can read a book, play games, or even watch their favorite show.  Whatever they chose to do will help them pass the time of being stuck in the car.


If you have a kiddo who loves to read books can entertain them for hours. I have also found that board books for toddlers can entertain for some time. One of my kiddos favorite things was to create their own road trip book. We would get the little plastic photo albums or some sort of photo book and they would add a postcard or memento from each stop. Looking back at their books and reliving their fun entertains them for hours on the drive home.

Road Side Attractions

Making long drives more bearable are the opportunities to get out, stretch your legs and enjoy. Preplanning your trip with stops that hold interesting roadside attractions help. It gives something to look forward to and the opportunity to get out and walk around. When driving places we like to plan stops between every 2-3 hours. This way you know that your next destination will be fun. Granted sometimes additional stops may be needed but having those fun one in between are great. My kiddos loved when we stopped at Cabazons Dinosaurs,  and General Pattons Memorial Museum on our way to California. Knowing we were making those stops broke up the time and gave them something to focus on vs the 7 hr drive we were doing.

Taking a road trip is a valuable experience for children and families. Finding ways to make the drive seem less long is vital to making it the most enjoyable it can be. Hopefully a few of the ways my family cuts the time helps you. Are there any tips your family uses to make road trips seem less long?


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