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Dating Your Spouse When You Have Kids


When you’re raising kids, it’s incredibly difficult to find time to date your spouse. While it may not be ideal to go out every week, once a month is a great goal to aim for. Dating your spouse isn’t about how much money you spend or how often you go, but about the memories you make along the way! It is about keeping the romance alive. Living in AZ I have found some great date spots. I’m sure they are spots where you live. And if you can’t get out a date at home is always a option.

Here are some ideas for dating your spouse.

#1. Early mornings are a good option

Sometimes getting a sitter isn’t always possible, which is why you may have to resort to early Dating Your Spouse When You Have Kids  morning coffee together.

It may be tough getting up early, but being able to sit down with your spouse and chat is always a fun idea. Plus, for those of you who are on a budget, you can enjoy coffee right at home!

#2. Late night movies

Raising kids is exhausting, so sometimes staying up late isn’t ideal. However, late night movies are a fun way to date your spouse, without the stress of trying to find a babysitter. If you have cable, you can also buy rent new movie releases, right on your telephone.

Late night movies might just being your saving grace, when your kids are younger. If you don’t like watching movies, you can replace a late night movie with late night game night.

You get to decide what you do with your date time, but whatever it is, make it count.

#3. Make your date a monthly thing

If you can hire a babysitter on the same day and week each month, this will eliminate a lot of stress. Every month, on the same day, and during the same week, you’ll have a date with your spouse.

You’ll know when it is so you won’t double schedule. It’ll become almost a holiday of sorts between you and your spouse.

#4. Always make it a priority

I get that going on dates is expensive and not always realistic. However, when you make it a priority, great things happen.

Always make dating your spouse a priority. Once you stop making it important, it’ll be harder to get into the swing of things!

Basically, there are three things you need to do in order to date your spouse.

1. Make a commitment to dating each other.

2. Make date night a common theme in your lives.

3. Come up with a list of things you can do right at home!

How do you date your mate and keep the romance alive? I’d love to hear your tips and stories.

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