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Healthy Protein Shake Kids And Parents Will Love

protein shake

I’ve said it before. Keeping my children’s bodies healthy is one of the most important things to me. One of my favorite methods of that is thru protein shakes with superfood. My favorite brand is Macro Naturals Superfood. They have 2 flavors for children and a Macro Meal Superfood for adults. My children are very sensitive to texture so one of our struggles was finding a protein powder that did not have that gritty feel to it. The Macro Naturals Superfood was was one of the few that I found that did not end up gritty. 

Benefits of Superfood

One of the things I loved about the super food powder I found for my sons is that it had a bunch of health benefits all while tasting delicious. Here are a few healthy facts about Macro Naturals Superfood.

  • 3.5 billion probiotics and enzymes aid digestion and support immune system
  • Essential vitamins A, C, D, E – plus calcium, magnesium, trace minerals and electrolytes
  • 3+ servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Complete raw superfood and powerful antioxidants
  • 70% less sugar than other coco drinks and has no high fructose syrup or artificial ingredients
  • Gluten free and vegan
  • Tastes Amazing

So basically I can make my children a shake in the morning and rest assured they got a good dose of probiotics and vitamins to help their bodies through the day.

Funfetti Birthday Cake Protein Shake

One of my favorite things in the world is Funfetti cake and pancakes. When I started trying to live healthier and manage my diabetes I had to cut out a lot of my favorites. It became my goal to find other healthier options that still hit the spot.  I came up with different smoothies that I can have and basically still have dessert for breakfast. One of my favorite smoothies I make is a easy vanilla protein shake recipe. It tastes like birthday cake but without all the sugar. 

You can make this smoothie using vanilla or chocolate protein powder. My favorite is vanilla.  I have tried a few different protein powders and my favorite is MacroMeal Ultimate Superfood. It blends very well so you don’t have that gritty texture that some protein powders leave you with. It comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, and other flavors. We have used the different flavors to make fudgesicles, smoothies, cake, and other yummy treats. Below is the recipe for my favorite treat the Funfetti Birthday Cake Protein smoothie. This treat also freezes really well to make a “ice cream”.

Funfetti Birthday Cake Protein Shake

Healthy Protein Shake Kids And Parents Will Love


  • 2 cups of Almond Milk
  • 1 cup of Greek Yogurt (to thicken)
  • 2 tablespoons of Raw Honey
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 teaspoon of Vanilla
  • 1 Scoop of Vanilla Macro Meal Superfood (or protein powder of your choice)
  • 4 tablespoons of Sugar Free Cheesecake Instant Pudding Mix
  • Handful of Ice
  • 1/4 cup of Sprinkles (Optional)


  1.  Start by placing all ingredients (except sprinkles) in a blender.
  2. Blend on high until smooth.
  3. Add sprinkles and blend for about 10 seconds.
  4. Pour in your shaker or mason jar. 
  5. Garnish with any extra sprinkles.
  6. Serve and enjoy


If you want to make this even healthier you can omit the sprinkles. I only add sprinkles when Im substituting it for dessert because yes its that yummy. And a quick tip if you place it in the freezer for a bit it tastes great as a fake ice cream.


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    This protein resource healthy shake is very impressive. I using to.

  2. December 10, 2019 / 8:37 am

    Hey, I really love the protein shake recipe of yours. I have made it by following your recipe for my niece. She really loved the taste. I wish I could send you the pic. It looks amazing.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, dear!!! All the best to you!!

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