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Free Resources & Printables to Learn About Constellations

learn about constellations

Have you ever looked into the stars and wondered about the constellations? Perhaps you have wanted your kids to learn about the stars and what everything means. Well, there are free resources out there to help you learn about everything in the sky! Listed below you will find Free Apps and Free websites to help your children learn constellations and about our solar system. Scroll all the way down for a free printable on constellations. 


  • Satellite Augmented Reality: An easy to use app that can help you track and observe satellites. You can even track the path of satellites that are going around our Earth. You can even use the app to search for various satellites that may be available for tracking. This app is available only on Android.
  • Sky Map:It’s time we threw in a constellation app that uses Android. Google Sky Map helps you learn more about the objects in the sky. From the stars to the moon, this app uses compass data and GPS to help you learn about the biggest mystery of the universe: space. This app is really cool because it uses a GPS system. Technology has come so far in the last decade, this blows my mind.


  • NASA App: Think about this, Nasa has a free app that you and I can use for free. It’s nice to know that the top scientists in the world had a say in creating this application for your phone. Not only can you learn about space on this app, but you can also learn satellite trackers. You can also live stream NASA TV. 
  • SkyView Free: If it’s the paths of objects in the sky that you seek or the names of the bright lights, then SkyView Free is the app for you. This app uses the back of your camera to help you get a closer view of the constellations. It’s pretty awesome to learn about constellations and specific stars. 
  • Star and Planet Finder: Another free constellation app for the iOS app is the Star and Planet Finder. You select a planet or star and using your phone’s back camera, you’re able to identify and locate it. There are in app purchases to help you unlock even more planets and stars. However, the first few are free! 


  • NASA: Did you know that NASA has a entire website dedicated to STEM and the best part is it is free. On there you will find education videos and articles. They even have a KidsClub area to play fun games and learn about our solar system. My sons favorite part of the website is the activities they have for you to do at home. NASA has really made a phenomenal resource to help children learn about constellations and about our solar system and have fun while doing it. 

Free Printables

The next time you’re looking for an app to help you see lights and constellations in the sky, use these apps. Whether you have an android, an iphone, or online you should have no problem finding all the information you need with some of these resources.  Have fun and save money using these free resources to learn about constellations. 

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Free Resources & Printables to Learn About Constellations


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