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Dunkin’ Donuts Visit and Free Printables


I love donuts and I love coffee. When I was invited to check out Arizona’s very first NextGen Dunkin’ Donuts I of course jumped at the opportunity. Love Dunkin’ so much I drove 1 hr just to be there and let me tell you it was worth it. 


4225 S. Gilbert Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85249

(Cross streets are Chandler Heights and Gilbert Rd.)

Chandler Dunkin’ Donuts Experience

This location is Arizona’s first NextGen Dunkin Donuts. It is more modern with more amenities.  Y’all it even had nitro and coffee on tap.  I ordered a cold brew with nitro. At first I had one with sugar and cream because that is how I always take my coffee. On the advice of someone I tried it without cream and sugar and it was unexpectedly AMAZING. It was so smooth. I was prepared not to like it but it was so delicious.  

Next they let me make my own Espresso. I even got to wear a apron. I think my thin mint espresso was delish.

Dunkin' Donuts Visit and Free Printables

The staff at Dunkin’ Donuts was all so nice. I was having a conversation with one gentlemen and then at the end found out he was in charge. He was so nice and real that it hadn’t even occurred to me until someone said it. 

Now if you have followed me at all you know I am very gift and food motivated. They wowed me with both. Lots of yummy donuts, coffee, and more. I am not a lets eat healthy person but I tried their multigrain with turkey sausage and veggie egg white sandwich. It was so delicious that the next morning I went to the DD by my house and got one for breakfast.

The contracted with Liz On Call and she made 2 printables that I am excited to share with my readers. They are absolutely perfect to tag a I love you gift. Grab some donuts for your love and use the. They are perfect for anything but make a exceptionally cute Valentines Day printable.

Free Gift Card Printable ( Courtesy of Liz On Call)

2nd Free Gift Card Printable (Courtesy of Liz On Call)

And she customized Espresso cups. I usually go by my first name but since having kids its just been Mommy Daze.

Dunkin' Donuts Visit and Free Printables

I absolutely loved my visit to Dunkin’ Donuts in Chandler Arizona. If you have a chance make sure you stop by and grab a Nitro Cold Brew. 

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