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Crayola Experience Chandler

crayola experience

Finding things to do with your kids ages 4-10 is always a challenge. Luckily there is  new attaction in Chandler Arizona. Crayola Experience opened May 23 2019 at the Chandler Fashion Center and it is so much fun. My boys and I were able to get a sneak peek and they can not wait to go back.


Address: 3111 W Chandler Blvd Chandler Az 85226 ( It is near Valet. If you go inside by the food court you will see it to your left just past the food court)

Phone Number: (602) 581-5370

Prices: Please check their website for prices as they have varying options.

Additional Costs: Besides entry there are some attractions that require Crayola tokens. You are given 2 at entry but you can purchase more if needed. Below I marked the attractions that need a token with a * .

Food & Drink: Outside food and drink is not allowed. There is a snack bar for small food items and drinks

Nursing: There are restrooms and a complete comfy area for nursing. 

Crayola Experience

Finding it is pretty easy as the outside is bright yellow and says Crayola Experience. It was actually a pretty cool looking paint job. You will enter the Fashion Center thru the area by the food court. Just head down and to the left and you will find the Crayola Experience. 

Upon entering there are kiosks to buy tickets and there is a customer service desk. Once you take care of all that you can enter to where the attractions are.


  • Wrap it up: * (Token needed) This is the first attraction that we stopped at. You get to name your own crayon and put a wrapper on it.
  • Be a star: To the right of wrap it up is this attraction. You take a picture of yourself and can color it
  • Colossal Caddy: This is a giant caddy with crayons, coloring papers, and tables and chairs. 
  • Modeling Madness: * (Token needed) This reminded me of play dough. You use  token to choose which color then you can sit and mold.
  • Stomp and Play: This was a giant screen on the floor that the kiddos could run, jump, or like alijah roll around on and interact with whatever game was playing.
  • Rocking Paper: Here you will color in a picture and then put it together. The person working then uses clips and gets your picture to dance.  It was pretty cool.  The lady told Alijah it was magic and Alijah told her no my brudder said its the magnets. 
  • Drip Art: This reminded me of spin art but with melted crayons
  • Melt and mold: Is exactly what the name says. You get to melt a crayon and then it goes into either a car or ring mold making for a cool keepsake.
  • Activity Studio: You can make a Crayola craft
  • Color magic: This was my 12 yr olds favorite. You color a picture and then using their scanner it brings it to life.
  • Rainbow Rain: This is another one for dancing, hopping, moving, and grooving. You move in front of the wall and then it shows on the wall as a picture that looks like is raining colors on you
  • Scribble square: Lots of chalk board fun especially for littles.
  • Melt down: Use the tool to draw with melted crayons
  • Silly Selfies: Choose how you are going to be silly, take a selfie, and watch your silly selfie come to life. 
  • Design Studio: You can design your car or fashion person

There was a attraction near the exit.It was a pan handling type thing. It didnt really seem to go with the rest but that could be I was trying to convince my kids not to play in the water. I did tell the hubby well played Crayola keeping the one attraction kids can get wet right near the exit lol. The bags of “gems” and such to participate in that attraction are a extra cost. 

Additional Information

Some of the projects you can do over and over and its included in the cost of entry but some require a token. You are given 2 tokens upon entry but can purchase more if needed. The attractions with a * listed above are the ones that needed tokens. There are also skee ball machines and a toy crane that you try to get stuffed animals that also require the tokens. I’m not sure how much the tokens cost but there are machines to make exchanges. 

My kiddos had a blast at the Crayola Experience Chandler.  It seems to be geared towards ages 4-10. I can see younger than 4 enjoying it if they have a older sibling to help them out. Leaving the experience is a gift shop. The inner kid in me squealed when I saw their wall of crayons. You can pick and choose and create your own box of crayons. I had to remind myself I was a grown up but as a employee helpfully reminded me ” when you are at Crayola Experience your inner child is in charge and you are no longer an adult.” So go for it, have fun with the kiddos because even the adults can experience Crayola Experience. 



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