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Cabazon Dinosaurs Roadside Attraction

rex cabazon dinosaurs

If you are taking a road trip that travels along the I10 in CA or coming back from CA exit 105 towards Cabazon has a attraction any dinosaur lover will enjoy. Cabazon Dinosaurs has been around since 1975 and been featured in movies like The Wizard and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  Cabazon’s Dinosaurs has a gift shop that features a wide variety of dinosaur themed merchandise and souvenirs. Past the gift shop is Mr. Rex’s Dinosaur Adventure. For a cost you can see over 50 lifelike dinosaurs, do a dino dig, fossil panning, and climb inside Mr.Rex and take the stairs all the way up to his mouth.


Address: 50770 Seminole Drive, Cabazon CA 92230

 Tel: (951) 922-8700

Spring Hours

Monday thru Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (Ticket Sales End at 5:30 pm)

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm (Ticket Sales End at 7:30 pm)


Adults (13-54): $13.00

Child (2-12 children under 2 are free): $11.00

Senior/Military ( Senior is 55 and older. Military must show ID): $10.00

The Entrance and Gift Shop

As you drive down the I 10 near exit 105 you will be able to see giant dinosaurs in the distance. My family and I always stop to see.  When You first pull into the parking lot there is a huge dinosaur. Perfect for those photo ops. Further ahead you can see the main attraction Rex.  He stands over 2 stories high and if you pay to go into the park you can climb inside to walk the stairs all the way up to the top.  

Following the path towards the entrance you will see a few dinosaurs and other attractions. You first get to the gift shop. You can purchase tickets to inside the attraction there. Inside the gift shop there are more photo ops and even better all the dinosaur memorabilia your dino loving heart can want to buy.

The Attraction

Past the gift shop is where you will enter the attraction. The first 2 activities you can participate in are the dinosaur dig and fossil panning. Both are fun but are a little dirty. After those you can walk the paths and see all the dinosaurs. There are also little signs identifying some dinosaurs and providing fun facts about them.At the end of one path is Rex. He is huge and you can climb inside all the way to the top. I did not because I’m scared of heights but I have on good authority from the hubby and our boys that it was awesome. 

If you love dinosaurs or have a kiddo who does this is a amazing stop along the I10. It does cost but it is a nice place to stop and stretch your legs on those long road trips.

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