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Bounce- A -Rama Indoor Playplace Chandler Arizona

indoor playplace chandler arizona bounce a rama

I have a high energy kiddo who loves to jump. He loves it so much we even have a trampoline inside. When we had the opportunity to check out Bounce a Rama in Chandler AZ he literally bounced with joy. They invited us out and even threw Alijah a party. Bounce A Rama is a indoor playplace in Chandler Arizona. It has a gamezone and a bunch of inflatables for hours of bouncing fun.  



Address: 845 N 54th Street Chandler, AZ

Phone Number:  (602) 800-6760

Hours: Mon- Thurs 10:30-8:30 Fri-Sun 10:30-9:30

Prices: Prices Vary so please visit their Website

Additional Info: Adults and children over the age of 12 are not allowed on the inflatables unless they need to assist someone smaller. 

Indoor Playplace Attractions

When you first enter you will pay at the desk and then you can go play. They have 3 main areas of attractions The Gamezone, Bouncepark, and Jr Bouncepark

  • Gamezone: Here you will find video games. They have games for all ages and skills. My boys were mortified I won 500 ticsket on one game while they just kept hitting 20. You do have to pay additional for tokens to play.
  • Bouncepark: I loved that to enter bouncepark you scan your wrist band and a gate opens. This provided a sense of secruity. The BouncePark is one of the coolest I have seen in that its like taking a trip around the world. There is New York, San Fransiscio, China, and  Rome.
  • Jr. BouncePark:  This is a smaller area for littler ones. It is done in a jungle theme.

Party Time

Bounce A Rama threw Alijah a party. It was pretty awesome!! Their party rooms are separate from  the jump areas. You go down a hall and each room is to the right and has its own area. Our party room was decorated with balloons and had a throne in it. Each room comes with a Party Host. Ours was super nice and went out of her way to make sure Alijah had fun. I had 3 favorite things about a party here.

  • First their pizza. Not going to lie I am a pizza snob lol. Their pizza was one of the best I have had at a indoor play place. It was delicious.
  • Second was that the party rooms all open up to a patio type area that goes into the bounce area but is closed in on the bottom. You can stand on this area and watch your kiddos play without leaving the party room. But on the other hand since their is no way onto the patio area from the bounce area you don’t have to worry about anyone coming into the party room. 
  • Third was the Party Host. She was amazing. Even after we were done eating she put the cupcakes and leftover pizza in the refrigerator for us. When we were leaving Alijah insisted on taking a red balloon with him so they blew one up just for him.

Final Thoughts

Alijah had so much fun at Bounce A Rama. I liked how it was a indoor playground more geared towards younger children. Since children 13 and over are not allowed on the inflatables you do not need to worry as much about your smaller children getting stepped on.  When looking for a indoor playplace in Chandler Arizona there are a few that pop up. If your children are on the younger side like 2-11 then Bounce A Rama is a great choice. 

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