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Bondurant High Performance Driving School


Best day ever!!! Most women would name that day their wedding day. Up until last Thursday I would have too. But then the best PR lady ever Jenn Joseph got Vicki Deluzio ( Surprise Az Mom ) and I a invite to check out Bondurant High performance Driving School.  While I was labeled as the slowest driver or as one person put it his Prius goes faster than I drove LOL I still had a blast. My husband and 4 boys are suitably jealous that I got to drive a race car and the hubby is in completely understanding that this experience now tops my best day ever. 


Address: 20000 S. Maricopa Rd., Gate #3 Chandler, Arizona 85226

Phone Number: 1 (800) 842-7223 (RACE) Contact Page Here

Hours:Office Hours: M-F 8AM to 5PM Shop Hours: 7AM to 7PM Weekends: Varies based on programs

Programs and Prices: Vary please check out their website

Bondurant High Performance Driving School

When we first arrived we were given a initial history of the school. I came home knowing facts like I was cool. As my one son put it wow mom you sound like a gear head! The Bondurant High Performance Driving School is the largest purpose-built driver training facility of its kind in North America. It was founded in Feb 1968 and was originally located in Orange County. In 1990 it moved here to Phoenix. The facilities are huge. There is a a  1.6-mile, 15-turn track, along with 3 additional road courses and a NHRA drag strip. We were able to take a tour of their facilities. Its a car enthusiasts dream.

Over the years the school has earned a reputation for offering the best high-performance driver training and safety programs in the world. The programs offered include high-performance driving, racing schools, teen driving and competitive karting. The school maintains over 100 race-prepared vehicles, sedans, SUVs, and open wheel formula cars and is  sponsored by Dodge//SRT.

In May 2019, the Bondurant High Performance Driving School was purchased by Stig Investments. The absolute coolest thing about that is that not only are these men a group of race enthusiasts and automobile collectors but they are all graduates of Bondurant Driving School. They believe in this school so much and want others to be able to pursue their racing dreams that they are now leading it. 

Class Time

After our mini intro into the history of the school it was class time. I was scared they would just toss us in cars and let us go but they actually taught some driving skills that are vital on and off the race track. For example I never knew that in case of a accident don’t slam on the brakes as it can cause you to lose control. The instructor taught us that you want to release the gas as it will send the weight to the front of the vehicle, aid in stopping and allow you to maintain control. He also taught us to look ahead and look where we want to go. 

Then as a group they took us out in vans. I would like to state on record my minivan as never driven like that lol. The purpose of them taking us on the track in vans was to show that its not the vehicle that performs. The vehicle is a tool and its your driving that uses the tool to its maximum effectiveness. That being said our driver Rob for sure knew how to use the van. He took us thru a few exercises that included an accident avoidance drill and other exercises to show how to apply what they taught.


Our Driving Experience

I should provide a full disclaimer I do not drive well or fast at all. I’m still proud of myself for what I did do. I have it on good authority a vacuum makes more noise than I got my car to make. But I’m all safety first y’all. We were able to do various activities. 

  • Team Slalom: This is a team event. Each person must buckle u and negotiate thru a series of cones. This helps teach weight transfer car control, and information input. After driving they have stop the car between a set of cones, get out, and tag the next driver to get in and go. Time is stopped once all teammates have completed the course.  

Here’s a Video of me Driving Super Slow LOL LOL no need to listen to the commentary as they all pick on my slowness LOL 


  • Timed Autocross Competition: I did not drive this one. I was a excellent co pilot to Vicki. She drove and danced to some Madonna. She came in 8th out of 20 Woot Woot!!  Now I want her to drive her minivan like that next time we take a Moms day!

Vicki Drives and Rocks out!! In addition to this video check out our Live Video On Facebook

After the competitions they took us over to a classroom to get us prepped to go on their other racetrack. Safety while having fun and learning is important to them. They decked us out in safety gear and we headed out. 

  • Lead and Follow: We all had the chance to drive. One of the instructors was the lead car and we all followed in our individual cars. It is exactly as it sounds. They lead we followed. It helped teach us how to drive the track and use proper braking and cornering techniques. 

They Lead we follow. I taped as Vicki Drove 

  • Hot Laps: This one was slightly terrifying mainly because I like nice and slow and this was not. I clearly saw the odometer hit 96 then we went faster……. In this one the instructors takes each participant individually out on the race track and they drive at racing speeds. Picture me in the passenger seat rapidly blinking thinking I will never yell at the hubby for driving too fast again. My instructor was Tyler and he was absolutely amazing at handling the car. He kept me safe and had fun. Based on his driving you could tell he was comfortable on the track and very aware of how the car handles. 

This was my driver Tyler. He was Ammmmaaazzzing!! Terrifying but fun LOL. I finally gave up taping because I wanted to hold on. Also for the record the wahhoo is him. My voice had left me. All 4 of my boys watched the videos and say Tyler is so cool. My one is counting down the years until he can go to driving school there and have Tyler take him for a ride. 


To say our day was the best ever is a understatement. Everyone there was very knowledgeable and kind.  Tyler and Rob were both great instructors and even better drivers. I would definitely go again and the hubby says he wants a turn. For more info or to schedule a class or event please check out their website and social channels such as Instagram and Facebook

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  1. Katie
    November 20, 2019 / 10:44 pm

    This looks so fun. I never even knew this existed here. Thanks for sharing!

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