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Bearizona A Wildlife Adventure


Recently my kiddos and I along with some friends took a trip to Williams Arizona. Williams Arizona is about a 2 and a half hour drive from where we live but the drive was worth it. It took us through Flagstaff and the pretty yellow flowers were in full bloom. By the time we arrived at Bearizona the kids were ready to go explore. Bearizona is located on approximately 160 acres of Ponderosa Pine Forest. You will be able to see animals up close and personal in their natural habitats. 


Address: 1500 E Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046

Hours: 7 days a week 9AM – Last Car Admitted 4PM Closes 5:30PM
Phone: (928) 635-2289
Price: Ranges between $20 and $35 Please check their admission page for exact pricing
Admission Includes Drive-Thru, Walk-Thru Fort Bearizona, and all Surprise & Delight animal encounters.

Drive Thru Area

When you first pull up you drive through the area to pay. Once you have paid you can choose to go to the left or the right. Going to the right  will take you through the drive through zoo which approximately 3 miles. As you drive along  you will see many animals ranging from bears, deer, elk, and more. Some will walk right past you in your vehicle so there are sections where you must keep your windows and doors closed. You are allowed to do the drive more than once so long as you don’t go out the gates at the end. 

Walk Thru Zoo Area

At the end of the drive through part you can head left to the parking lot. Once parked then you can go in and see the walk thru zoo area, the gift shop, and a few places to eat.  The kiddos favorite areas were the otters. We were just in time for feeding and the kiddos were allowed to help. There were also some pretty cool panthers and tigers. Throughout the day they have various animal encounters. Listen for announcements or if you have your phone they have  app that will do everything from tell you about the animals to notify you about upcoming animal encounters

Shopping and Eating 

There are a few shops to purchase souvenirs and other knick knacks. My kiddo decided he needed a hand crafted recorder. There are also food trucks, a restaurant, and a grille. I will say the food looked delicious but for  a larger family could be pricey. We had packed our own lunches and sat in their picnic area. Their gift shop is just past the otters and you have to go thru it to see the tigers, panthers, and a few other animals.  My son loved the train setup they had inside. 

Bearizona is fun for all ages. It is especially nice if walking is difficult as you have the option of just doing the drive thru zoo and the walk thru zoo is almost all paved.  It is not as diverse and large as some Zoos but it is great for a up close view and in their habitat experience. 


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