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Back to School Sales and Deals to Save You Money

back to school

Yes my family homeschools but we also have 2 older children who go to public school. Any parent knows school supplies and clothes can be expensive. I am always on the lookout for the perfect school supplies sale.  I have put together a few of the back to school sales and school supplies deals I have been shopping.


Pottery Barn: I love Pottery Barn backpacks and lunch pails. Back to School Sales and Deals to Save You Money  They last just about forever in my opinion. I have seen reviews where people say theirs ripped after 2 weeks but that has not been our experience. My one son got one in 3rd grade. He still has it going into 7th. No rips no tears. Right now is the best time to shop as they are all about 30% off. 

Amazon: Everyone knows Amazon. You can find some great deals and if you have Prime can get Free shipping or other perks. Some of their backpacks are 30% off right now.

Khols: Up to 70% off select designer backpacks

Walmart: Backpacks start as low as 9.88$ at Walmart

Target : So many options and there are some starting as low as $14.99

Land’s End: Up to 60% off select backpacks. This is one of my favorite places for my older children as the designs are more sturdy and something a teen would like. Their back to school sales tend to be my teenagers favorite for clothes and backpacks.


Walmart: Walmart back to school sales is always my favorite. I tend to stock up. The best time to go is about 1 to 2 weeks after school starts and everything goes on sale even more. Last year I got notebooks for a nickle and other supplies for between 10 cents and $1. I have 4 huge totes ready to just go thru this year. 

Target: I compare Targets back to school sale to Walmart as prices are pretty similar. Target does seem to have a larger selection for decorated items vs the standard back to school item.

Staples: Low cost items and items on sale


Amazon: Select laptops on sale for up to $50 off

Overstock: Various Back to School electronics on sale

Staples: Up to 50% off laptops and accessories


Old Navy : Clothes at Old Navy are usually a good deal anyway. Right now they have a uniform sale going buy one get one free. The sale changes periodically but still killer deals. 

Target : I prefer Target clothes over Walmart as they seem a bit more durable. They have great uniform sales happening.

Walmart: Great prices on clothes.  They are great if you have a kiddo like mine that rips, tears, stains everything. Low cost that can be replaced easily.

JC Penny: I love JC Penny as they have the pull on shorts for the huskier kiddos. Right now they are having a sale on back to school clothes and uniforms

These are some of the deals I shop for back to school. Do you know any back to school sale in your area. If I missed some let me know and Ill be sure to add them to my list. 

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