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Art With Me Az

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I love hanging out with my friends especially one of my fellow mommy bloggers Vicki from Surprise Az Mom. I may have mildly/religiously followed her blog for years before I got to meet her in person and then was lucky enough to make friends. Recently she and I have been hitting up all the Moms day out friendly spots. Our latest adventure took us to Art With Me Az. We got to have a fun and creative time. 


Address: 13839 W Bell Rd Suite 105, Surprise, AZ 85374

Phone Number: (623) 243-4521

Hours: 10am-10pm Mon-Sat Closed Sundays

Pricing: Varies by project so please check out their website for details

Art With Me Az

Vicki and I had a blast at Art With Me Az. Jessica the owner is so friendly and is like a soul sister I didn’t realize I hadn’t met yet. Literally got all our jokes which was awesome. 

When you first walk into Art With Me you can see the room that you will be creating in. There are easels all set up for open paint times. On the walls there are paintings that have been done. There are also aprons that are offered to protect your clothes.


Art With Me Az offers open paint were you can go in and paint whatever you want with no instructions. At Art With Me you can also do paint parties and classes. They offer so many options to choose from. Vicki and I did paint pours. 

Our Paint Pours

Vicki and I decided to do paint pours. One thing I learned is with art you can pretty much never go wrong. You just create until you are done and love your masterpiece. There are no mistakes.

Jessica had our area all set up for us to do our pours. Before we started she showed us how to mix the paints and how to do a paint pour. She went over little tips and tricks, helped us mix our paints and give it a go.

Vicki started by covering her canvas in white. I think she had fun LOL. You can’t see me in the video but I was dancing in happiness behind the camera lol.


For my paint pour I decided to do a full coverage beach theme. After pouring the paint it was all about moving it slowly so it could cover the canvas.

Vicki started out doing a wave but then decided to go full coverage. We all loved the colors that she choose.

We were both pleased with our finished products. After completing bigger projects like paint pours it needs a bit to dry so we picked up our masterpieces as few days later. As soon as I got home mine went up on my wall.

If you enjoy creating art make sure you stop by Art With Me Az. Jessica will for sure take care of you and if you do a class you are sure to learn some awesomeness. One final thing I loved was I don’t remember if Vicki or I commented about how much paint she must go thru. Jessica then showed us how after a paint pour the remnants on the table she will let dry and then you can make the coolest little trinkets. Loved all of it!!


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  1. Jackie
    January 18, 2020 / 11:12 pm

    Such creative talented ladies. This looks like so much fun, Ashley and Vicki.

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