About Me

My mom always taught me the first step in any kind of relationship is to say hello and introduceAbout Me  yourself. So I wanted to take a minute and say Hi!! Thank you for stopping by my site. My name is Ashley.

I am 34, a mom to 4 boys, and I have been married for 14 yrs. I have my associates in Early Childhood Education but after having a stillborn and many pregnancy losses I left the early childhood education field. Eventually, I had my rainbow baby. He was a 26 weeker so I chose to stay home to care for him. My husband and I then adopted our 2 oldest boys. 6 yrs after our preemie we had an unexpected blessing in the form of our youngest. We currently are in the process of growing our family more thru foster care and adoption.

I have worked in Human resources and the administrative field online for the past 8 years. I. My family is my world and I take pride in sharing them with my followers.



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