Hot Mess Mom and That’s Ok

I’m a hot mess mom and that’s ok. I’m not talking the mom who doesn’t take care of her home, kids, or man because well no one wants to be that kind of a mess. I’m talking the hot mess mom where after all the mothering you got going on you have decided to just give in to the kids and realize you will never pee alone, finish a bath without some sort of audience, and all dignity and self-respect are just a thing of the past. If you have ever watched your kid drop their sippy then pick it back up without you washing it you may be me in training. If you have done a sniff test of the yoga pants you forgot to count how many days you have been wearing you may just be me. There are a lot of ways you can tell you just may be a hot mess. Here are just a few.

You may be a hot mess mom if:

  1. Your daily ensemble consists of yoga pants, a tank or t-shirt, and flip flops because let’s face it you are not in exercise clothes to hit the gym. They are comfy and quite honestly can be worn for days before anyone notices.
  2. Your idea of exercise is chasing your kid around trying to save them from themselves daily
  3. You have wiped a snotty nose on the inside of your shirt because it was quicker than searching for a tissue
  4. You start cleaning and your kids ask if company is coming over and depending on the amount of cleaning has the company that is coming over been over before
  5. You sniff test clothes before deciding if it can be worn another day
  6. Your kids hate the healthy dinner you made and you realize you do too. So its pizza or cereal for dinner, and you have the epiphany that pizza has all the major food groups and cereal is high in fiber so you still consider it a healthy win.
  7. You can call the pizza place down the road and when they hear your number they ask if it will be the usual.
  8. Your keep a extra pair of shoes in the car just in case you forget to grab yours on your way out the door. Hey everyone else had theirs so it’s still a win.
  9. Coffee or some form of caffeine is a necessity. It’s not just delicious it’s now a savior of all the little people running around you. Its the zen in the chaos.
  10. You often wonder if 10 am is too early for that glass of wine. But hey its gotta be 5o’clock somewhere right?
  11. You use baby wipes as a full body washing method, cleaning wipes for the car, counters, and whatever else needs wiping down. They also work great for cleaning whatever spilled in your diaper bag or purse.
  12. Your idea of doing the laundry is putting it in the washer, putting it in the dryer, putting it on the couch, picking thru the pile on the couch for something to wear, and repeat
  13. You consider yelling at the tv, ordering thru the drive-thru, or calling the pediatrician an acceptable form of adult interaction
  14. You went on a date night with the hubby and considered running away but knew the kids would find you somehow.
  15. You are on a first name basis with your pediatricians front office and the staff at the local urgent care
  16. You have given up on being able to pee or bathe alone.
  17. You have locked yourself in your closet with a drink and a book just to have 10 minutes of alone.
  18. You have made a list of 10 things to get done and are proud of yourself 2 weeks later when you cross one thing off the list.
  19. You have paid one of your older children to dust or perform some other chore because you just didn’t want to but it was at the point it had to be done.
  20. You consider picking things up with your toes acceptable because you don’t want to bend and pick it up with your hand.
  21. You find it perfectly acceptable to brush your hair and head out the door in your pajamas to drop the kids at school because let’s face it you shouldn’t have to get out the car anyway.
  22. Your youngest is 4 and you still have nursing tanks because well they replace the bra you don’t feel like wearing.
  23. You consider your husbands shirts yours also because they are so comfy.
  24. Your kid can go to the Starbucks next door and the barista knows your order before he even has to speak.
  25. You have ever worn your clothes inside out and its taken you all day to either be told or realize on your own.
  26. You are not ashamed to say Netflix kids is your favorite babysitter and without it you may not get dinner cooked.
  27. You fully embrace there is no point to making a bed just to mess it up.
  28. Your kids understand socks don’t have to match exactly. They just have to be the same color
  29. You have slept in the recliner because your kid fell asleep on the beanbag chair and you didn’t want to move him but also didn’t want to leave him alone.
  30. Despite all the stresses and craziness you love your kids to a degree that you never thought possible and wouldn’t change it for anything

Like I said at the beginning I’m a hot mess mom. Everything on my list I’ve done and continue to do. But here’s why it’s ok. My 10 yr old is a straight A student who is loved by everyone ( I’ve literally been told this by teachers, neighbors, other kids parents LOL). He has a firm sense of who he is, right and wrong, his boundaries, and a love for God that is a pure blessing to see. This kid has gotten awards every year at school and is a starter for his football team. I literally tried to get him to skip school and go to the movies with me and got the whole that’s not responsible speech from him. I’m really not sure where he gets it from lol.My 4 yr old is so self-assured often times I wonder what amazing thing he is going to do with his life. You can look at this kid and you just know he is going places. He is the most affectionate little guy you could meet. His teacher and doctor are always laughing because whenever he sees them he tells them how beautiful they are. My 14 yr old adopted autistic child is getting straight A’s, his speech has improved, and he actually made 2 real friends. He went from mainly non-verbal to having no IEP in the 5 yrs he has been with us. My 15 yr old adopted son who has some emotional issues has been reduced on his meds, is graduating out of the behavior modification program he was in and made a friend that he actually got invited over to their house. So yes I may be a hot mess but I can look at my kids and see the love and the work that my husband and I continue to put in. I can see their progress and their growth to becoming the young men that me, their father, and God want them to be. So I may run on coffee, stink at the laundry, and sniff test clothes but when it comes to momming this hot mess has it right at least for now. #boymomdaze #mommydaze #momlife

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  1. November 17, 2017 / 2:24 pm

    I so needed this today. Although I’m kinda ocd about cleaning and bed making I do the other things all the time. I never feel like I’m doing enough, but my kids also are great students and good kids. So somewhere in the chaos I’m doing something right apparently!

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