The Smack Heard Round the Fair

He looks adorable right? The Smack Heard Round the Fair

And generally speaking he is. But hes also I’ve discovered a bit precocious and has no sense of no don’t do it. We are walking around the fair and I see his hand move and in my mind I say no I did not just see my 4 yr old smack that grown woman on the butt and palm it. Then she grabs her boyfriends arm and whirls around clearly ready to confront the offender. I’m stuck like OMG. Then she looks down and sees the culprit and starts laughing hysterically while she tells her boyfriend. I’m trying to apologize and scold Alijah at the same time as the boyfriend is giving my 4 yr old fist bumps like I know right……. And of course Alijah walks away with a little swagger in his step because lets face it he got away with smacking a hot chick on the booty and got a fist bump in return. #boymomdaze #mommydaze #momlife

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