Party for 1

Sooo yesterday it happened….. I already shared this with my personal friends so thought I would share with my friends out here 🙂

I was minding my own business when a 70lb bus hit me from behind and I fell in a friggin bush. And by 70lb bus I mean my 4 yr old Alijah ran face first into my behind and I toppled over into a bush. Could it be just a regular bush naaahhhh what would be the point of that It just had to be a pokey bush and of course a oh so helpful person had to be driving by and stop to help me. I’m like please just walk away but nope gentleman to the end hauled my fat butt out the bush and asked if I need a ambulance. Dude if u call 911 swear it’ll be for u just go please.All the while alijah stands there asking me what Im doing in the bush. Ahhhh clearly Im having a party and I was the only one invited. So like the title says Party for 1 LOL

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