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10 Truths Every Mom Needs To Hear

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10 Truths Every Mom Needs to Hear

10 Truths Every Mom Needs To Hear


Have you ever felt like a failure as a mom? Or has the mom guilt ever overwhelmed you? I know I have. There have been days I didn’t get a shower, dinner burned, the house was a disaster, and the kids were a mess.  I have felt extra sorry for myself on days like that. Mainly I felt disconnected from my kids and from my supermom status. One of these days I fired off a quick text to my friend and her reply changed my mindset forever. She said its just one day. They will survive and so will you. And just like that I realized its one day, one failure, one stressful moment but those ones do not define me as a mother or wife. 

Here are some Truths I want you to remember as a mom when you are having a stressful day or feel like a failure

1.You Failures and Weakness Do Not Define Who You Are

Stop doubting yourself. You are a amazing mom and an amazing person. Everyone has rough spots or weaknesses. These do not define you. Tomorrow will be better and if its not you just have to keep moving until it is. 

2. Your Hard is Hard

Realize that no matter what is happening whether you have one kid or 5 this is your life. Stop comparing yourself to others. What is hard for them may not be hard for you. What is hard for you may not be hard for someone else. We each have our own battles to fight so stop comparing your struggle to anyone else’s. Focus on your struggle and what you can do to overcome it.

3. No One Is Perfect

Unless you are Martha Stewart your house is not going to always be picture perfect. Refer to truth number 1 and stop comparing yourself. You’re a mom chasing after kids and keeping them happy and alive. Your house is not going to always be picture perfect Its going to get messy and some days you are not going to have time or want to clean it. Its ok to let it go for a day and try again the next day.

4. Stress and Tiredness Make Failure Seem Bigger Than It is

Being stressed or tired can make every situation seem large. When there is alot of stress happening or you are tired the little things can be the straw that breaks the camels back. Just remember that looking at it with a refreshed spirit may help you see that the situation was not as huge as it appeared. 

5. It’s Ok To Take A Break

If you need a break take one.  Sometimes stepping away from a situation for a moment gives you the strength to keep going. Not going to lie I have sat in my closet with a book before. I’ve even locked my bathroom door and took a bath just to relax. Even if its just 10 minutes as long as your children are safe then take a moment to have a break. Stop stressing if your house isn’t spotless. We all need downtime and there is no reason to feel guilty for it. 

6. Its the Total of The Days Not Just The One

One bad day does not make their childhood and does not define you as a mom. Your children are not going to remember the one day mom lost her cool or decided to order in for dinner instead of cooking a huge meal. They will remember the bulk of days. The love and the care that you gave all the time even on those days that mommy just didn’t feel like mommin. 

7. Sometimes You Will Fail

No one is perfect. You will fail sometimes just like I fail sometimes. Don’t let it hold you back or define you. Learn and remember what went wrong and do better next time. The failure is not what it is important. What you learn and change from the failure is what counts.

8. Failure Gives You The Opportunity To Try Again

Failing gives you the chance to try again. Remember tomorrow is another day. If you fail then think about what you could have done differently and try again. It took me 2 yrs to be able to cut my sons hair the right way but I finally figured it out. 

9. Your Kids Do Not See You As A Failure

Even when you fail your kids do not see this. I have had days when I felt like the biggest loser of a mom. My kids however still wanted hugs and kisses and told me they loved me. In your child’s eyes you are everything and their safe space. Failure does not change this especially when they see you fail and try again.

10. You Are Not Alone

You are not alone. If you are feeling stressed do what I do and reach out to a friend. If you are in a new place and don’t know anyone I have found Moms Groups, Playgroups, and even online mom groups can be a great support. Moms are a amazing group of people and if you find the right ones they will lift you up when you feel down.



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