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10 Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms

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Being a mom is busy and it can get crazy chaotic sometimes. With chaos comes stress and no one wants to be stressed all the time. Here are 10 time saving tips for busy moms that will hopefully help you to control the chaos we call motherhood.

1. Wake Up Early

As a Mom you definitely need your sleep. It is important for your health physically and mentally. But if you can get up 15 or 20 minutes before your children it will give you time to mentally prep for the day. I love to grab my coffee and just sit in the quietness I know will not last long. 

10 Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms

2. Make Lists

Have a list for everything. My favorite is to make lists on my phone and set alerts to remind me of the important parts of my list. It helps to remind what I need to buy, where I need to be, or whatever other mom thing I would be forgetting without my trusty lists. 

3. Have a Go Bag

When I say go bag that is literally what I mean. When you are a busy mom you are always on the go. Keep a bag with supplies that you can just grab and go. Supplies are things like a mini water bottle, band aid, hand sanitizer, and wipes. You can also keep things that will entertain your kiddos such as a pack of crayons and a small notebook. When you think of a go bag you should think of items that will help make small situations easier and make the day hopefully flow better. 

For me one of the most important things I always make sure to replenish in my bag is a snack. I don’t know about you but both my children and I get hangry lol. Having a snack on hand always helps. I don’t want to feed my children fast food or unhealthiness so usually my go to snack is trail mix or one of our favorites is the Truth Bar. The Truth Bar is delicious, chocolate-dipped probiotic and prebiotic nutrition bars made with all natural ingredients. 

They have high fiber, low sugar, gluten free, non-GMO, kosher, and to my children’s delight tastes like a candy bar. My favorite flavor is the chocolate almond crunch but my kiddos favorite is their dark chocolate coconut or mint chocolate chip. I keep at least 2 in each of my bags so if we get stuck at a appointment I have quick, healthy snack. They are perfect for late evening snacks after soccer or football practice. A quick handoff and I can drive in peace and know my kiddos are having a healthy snack.

10 Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms

4. Keep a Mess Emergency Bag in Your Vehicle

Ever been that mom whose kiddo had a potty accident, or fell in some mud? Then you are stuck either running to the store to grab a new outfit or heading home. This is where a emergency bag is helpful. I always keep a emergency bag in each vehicle with a change of clothes, new underwear, flip flops, wipes, lotion, water, and a small sewing kit. It has saved me more than once. The most important part is remembering to replace any items that you use out of it.

5. Grocery Shop Once a Week

I used to go shopping daily and grab what I needed for dinner. I have found I save more time shopping weekly or even biweekly. My list I mentioned before comes in handy because I will have a list of things I need.  I make a weekly menu and then shop for those items. 

6. Meal Prep

Meal prepping can be as complicated or as easy as you want. I make crockpot meals and freeze them. Then I dump in the crockpot, turn it out and by dinner time its done. Another way is to make up lunches. On Sundays I prep lunch for myself, hubby and homeschoolers. When its time to eat you just grab it out of the fridge and enjoy. Think salad on the go or grownup lunchable.

10 Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms

7. Cook once Eat Twice

Make larger meals that are easily frozen or reheated. My kids always know when I bust out the big pot we are either having leftovers or I’m freezing half for  a different day. This is always perfect for when we have football practice or something else.

8. Prepare the Night Before

Have everything ready to go the night before. This helps cut down on the morning rush. One thing that can be helpful is getting a set of plastic drawers that has 7 drawers. Put a outfit complete with socks and underpants in each drawer. Then your kiddo just has to grab the outfit and get dressed. No more looking for what to wear or trying to find socks.  Pack all lunches the night before so they just put in the lunch pail and go

9. Learn To Say No

As a mom your first instinct is to say yes and do whatever it takes to make your family happy. Alot of times moms give even when they have nothing left to give. Learn to say no. Every mom needs a break sometime. Saying no sometimes is not the end of the world. They may be disappointed but they will get over it.  I’m not saying let your kids down or make no the major answer. I’m saying when it gets overwhelming or you already have a bunch on your plate saying no can be the lifeline you need to be able to continue being a great mom.

10. Assign Tasks

When you are a mom you try to take care of it all. Start assigning tasks. Even the youngest one can help out.  I have 4 boys and they each have things I assign for them to help with. This can be the older ones helping with dinner, chores, or even helping their younger siblings with homework. The younger the are the simpler the task. My 5 yr old empties bathroom garbage cans and puts his clothes in the laundry basket.  Do not feel like just because you are mom you have to do it by yourself. Start having your kiddos help. Not only will it teach them responsibility but it will help lighten your load. 

Being a busy mom is hard work. But there are some tips and tricks that can make it easier. Are there any things that you do that help with being busy as a mom?


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